Thursday, June 7, 2007


Yesterday afternoon we all heard the news no one wanted to hear. We learned that Kelsey Smith was found and she was murdered. It was so senseless that I am left stunned that such a young and vibrant life was taken for no reason whatsoever.

I could write about a new missing person each and every day. It's happening at such an alarming rate that I would be busy doing nothing but posting about all the missing people out there. It's heart wrenching. And depressing. Every once in a while there is the story we all cherish, the one were the missing person is recovered alive. The HOPE for a day like that keeps us all going.

So why do I do it? That one is easy to answer. I do it to help those that need the exposure to help find their missing Loved One. Last night you saw the PAIN on Greg and Missey's faces. If you can't relate to helping someone in that much PAIN, this blog is not for you.

Those of you that are new to my little blog do not know that my own daughter graduated from High School on 6-29-2007. I made a post about it just last week and believe me I can relate to what it's like to have a daughter you love so much. I could never imagine my life without my daughter. Now Greg and Missey must some how carry on. I can assure you that their lives will never ever be the same. They need all the kind words and compassion that the Community can offer.

I am sure that Greg, Missey and their Children will NOT be alone at this terrible time. We found out with in only 24 hours after Kelsey was abducted how many people truly care.

Over the last few days we also found out that our NETWORK does work. The Bloggers and Posters made a difference and got the news out fast. The new media is the Internet. We were able to get the info to the public in record time and I think it made a huge difference.

To Greg, Missey and their Children - Carpe Noctem and I offer our deepest sympathy to you all. God Bless You. You are all in our Thoughts and Prayers.


A SPECIAL THANK YOU to my very good Friend Carpe Noctem for all the time you dedicated to helping me with all the posts and videos to help keep everyone informed. Thank You So Much! Carpe Noctem you are one very giving person, and it is my privilege to know you and to see your compassion first hand.

God Bless Kelsey

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