Wednesday, June 20, 2007



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POLICE last night had a new lead in the search for missing Madeleine McCann — that gipsies may have snatched her.

A holidaymaker revealed he spotted a fair-skinned little blonde girl in the back of a horse-drawn cart three weeks ago.

Retired pilot Andre van Wyk, 66, told how a woman in the cart quickly covered the sleeping youngster’s face with a shawl.

He was so suspicious he trailed the cart to a gipsy camp ten miles from where Maddie, four, vanished 48 days ago in Portugal’s Algarve.

Last night Van Wyk told The Sun: “I followed it to what looked like a gipsy camp next to the old bridge at Portimao.

“I saw an impeccably dressed blonde woman collect the blonde child from the older dark-skinned woman who had been carrying her. I assumed the blonde woman was the mother and that they were in some way innocently connected to the gipsy group.

“But it’s been playing on my mind ever since. The little girl looked so out of place.”

Van Wyk, a South African, also described a bizarre encounter with a gypsy woman at Faro Airport as he checked in for a flight out of Portugal. She peered over his shoulder as he read a Sun article about Maddie and said in broken English: “They no find girl with picture.”

She walked off after pointing at the photo of Madeleine and saying: “Hair cut short — hair black.”

Van Wyk said: “It was very odd. I had no idea if she was trying to tell me something she knew or whether she was just giving me her opinion.”

His witness statement — which he first sent to The Sun — was immediately relayed by us to the McCann family via their Foreign Office adviser Clarence Mitchell.

Details of the exact location of the site were being passed on to Portuguese police last night.

Mr Mitchell said of Maddie’s parents: “Kate and Gerry regard any possible sighting as potentially significant and are very grateful for this information.”

Cardiologist Gerry, 39, was back in the UK for a flying visit yesterday to appoint a campaign manager to keep Maddie’s disappearance in the public eye.

Wife Kate, 38, and their twins Sean and Amelie, two, remained in Praia da Luz — where Maddie, from Rothley, Leics, was snatched from a holiday apartment.

Cops there faced fresh criticism yesterday as they axed a press update amid mounting concern about their handling of the case.

A British police source said: “The whole world is waiting for news and all we get is a deafening silence.”






Auntiem said...

Question......when these 2 witnesses saw, heard, followed, what and who they thought were suspicious persons, possibly in possession of Madeleine or knowlege of her, did they immediately CALL Police and tell them their location? IMO, I would keep these people in view while talking on cell and make sure Authorities came. Is there a way to call straight to FBI, in the event that Portuguese Police are mishandeling this case?

If I were in a public place I do believe that I would be crazy enough to grab the child and scream my bloody guts out until somebody came, a crowd formed, I got a good look at child's right eye....

Zoltan said...

Auntiem- according to the info coming from the Authorities, they are working on the assumption that abduction has occurred and they are taking all sightings seriously.

When a child is only 4 years old, there are many that look alike. Madeleine's eye makes her identification possible and it is possible that the people who 'may' have seen her were not close enough to see.

At this point, I believe Madeleine was indeed abducted and the Authorities have had approximately 50 days to investigate the McCanns and I do not see them as suspects. Let's not get into their neglect. There are enough doing that.

I do not believe the FBI is involved and it would probably take a sighting in the US to get them involved.

I don't think it is a coincidence that there were two pedophile rings broken up in the last two months.

They are 'shaking' every tree to see what might fall out.

In a way it is sad that they knew of these rings and didn't move on them until there was another grave situation at hand.

Statics show that those abducting children are one parent, or a pedophile. As you know in Madeleine's case both parents are together and not separated. doesn't seem to be a motive there.

That leaves a pedophile imo.

Auntiem said...

Isn't Scotland Yard on the case, they are the best in the world! I would rather make a rukus and be wrong, than wait and contact the newspaper and live with the thought that I just might have seen this child and let her slip away.

Zoltan said...

Scotland Yard is heavily involved and have given no indication that the McCanns are involved.

I don't know if they are the best.. but they are certainly second or third best. The FBI and CIA are certainly the best. But as we have seen recently, they are heavily infiltrated by political operatives and they don't like the truth to come out some times.

I personally believe that Scotland Yard has their eye on a pedophile ring and the inept cops in Portugal. JMOA.

As you know there were 200 of the 700 pedophiles arrested were in Britain. That wasn't by accident.