Friday, June 8, 2007



It is absolutely heart-breaking that Kelsey Smith has been found murdered. I'll never ever develop a thick skin to it. It happens so often that my email box is over flowing with requests to see if I have a solution to it.

I truly appreciate that so many have written to me to seek my opinion.

First let me tell you that I am just like you. I have no hidden knowledge or education that would allow me to come to a definitive conclusion that will cure this disease. I'm not sure there will ever be a cure.

What happened to Kelsey is not new. We all know that. We also know that Kelsey is the VICTIM. Kelsey's LIFE is over, but the PAIN for her Family is just beginning. What we have witness here has been occuring since before recorded history. CRIME AND PUNISHMENT by Fyodor Dostoevsky comes right to my mind.

I know it's so frustrating. I hear you all and I empathize with you.

As Human Beings, created in God's image, when we take a life in the manner in which Kelsey was killed we are striking out against GOD. Man was given free-will by God to make decisions to enhance or diminish his life. We must all live with the consequences of OUR decisions.

There is no good side to what happened to Kelsey. There is nothing that will ever ease the pain felt by her family.

Sometimes there is a case that brings so many together. Sometimes there is a public out-pouring of love and compassion that it re-vitalizes our own personal faith in man-kind.

As Kelsey is laid to rest, her Parents and Family will have the peace of mind in knowing that she is not going to be missing for eternity.

There are so many people missing in the USA right now that the numbers would probably boggle your mind. 110,000 people are missing either voluntarily or involuntarily.

Jennifer Kesse is one person who is missing involuntarily. Jennifer's Parents, Drew and Joyce Kesse, do not know where Jennifer is currently. It's a nightmare that has been on-going since 1-24-2006.

Someone out there has the info needed to end the Kesse Family nightmare. Many of us believe that Jennifer is alive somewhere and we all want her found and returned to the people that love her.

No one should ever live a life of not knowing what became of their child. If you know who abducted Jennifer or where she is now, please call the Kesse Family directly at 407-722-2162

You can call anonymously and tell them directly what you know. No info is too small and one clue could be all it takes.

As we all remember Kelsey and celebrate her life, lets remember there are still others that need our help and our job is never done.

God Bless The Smith and Kesse Families.

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