Saturday, June 9, 2007

Natalee Ann Holloway

Lots on my mind today. So much to write about. So many things tossing inside my gray matter like popcorn in a popper.

First, Tim Miller and TEXAS EQUUSEARCH will be returning to Aruba to give it one last go to locate missing Natalee Ann Holloway. Tim Miller was a featured guest on Dana Pretzer's Scared Monkey's Radio Show on 6-8-2007. Dana also spoke with Tim Miller about the KELSEY SMITH CASE. Click the above link to listen to the show. Great Job once again Dana! You always ask the right questions and correct follow-ups.

Revealed during the interview, TES will be accompanied by two ships ranging in size from 265 feet to 340 feet. These ships are equipped with state of the art equipment and if Natalee is in the deep water that TES was denied access to two years ago, Tim feels that they will locate Natalee. TES will be on Aruba for approximately 10 days, but that is not a definite. Things may change once TES is re-established on Aruba.

I'm praying, like everyone else, that Natalee is located. There will be some closure.

Let's take it to the next level and wonder out loud what will happen should Natalee be located.

A CRIME will have been committed if Natalee is indeed located in the deep water off the coast of Aruba. She did not put herself in a container and traverse the ocean herself to her final destination. But what crime will have been committed? There is more than ample technological evidence to PROVE that the four main suspects are involved in Natalee's disappearance. There is an overload of cell traffic, text messages and computer records to prove the right people were detained in Natalee's case. Not to forget, Paulus Van Der Sloot was denied his compensation for false arrest due to the fact he was wiretapped and made phone calls on the date he said he was sleeping and had no involvement in Natalee's disappearance. Paulus also admitted TWICE he picked Joran up at 4 AM. Once it was Joran alone, as heard by Claudio Eldridge outside the Van Der Sloot home, on the first night and then he was heard on the wiretap that he picked up NATALEE and Joran at the Palm Beach McDonald's at 4 AM.
Also, Paulus said it was utterly ridiculous that he was detained. Ridiculous INDEED!

Those that played role afterward have not all been identified to date.

Last time I checked the Dutch have a Navy of their own. Why are they not doing anything to locate Natalee in the deep water off of Aruba? Why are the KLPD on Aruba if not to get to the FINAL conclusion that will allow them to charge the suspects with the crimes they were detained on initially? If the Dutch Legal System is reliant on the fact that body does exist to prove a murder, why are they not searching themselves? I am sure the Dutch Navy has all of the same technology that the team TES has assembled will be using. So what gives here? The KLPD are seemingly content to tear up a yard and do a survey on the Kalpoe home in lieu of any heavy lifting. All that did, as far as I can see, is piss off Deepak Kalpoe. I'm for anything that pisses Deepak off, so that was a good thing.

If Natalee is located in the deep water off the coast of Aruba, will the KLPD be able to prove that Joran and Paulus Van Der Sloot and the Kalpoe Brothers are the people responsible for her demise? or will they be unable to link those four to her murder?

At this time, I see no evidence that the KLPD is indeed serious about getting to the bottom of the Natalee Holloway case. If they were serious, they would be re-interviewing the main suspects to clear up the thousands of inconsistencies that have surrounded the case since June 1 2005.

Maybe the KLPD will surprise everyone but Robots who believes the KLPD are gonna slam the door on these slime bags.

Let's move on.

Joran Van Der Sloot gave an interview on Dutch TV. Joran Van Der Sloot continued to lie. He's setting an International record for most lies told in a lifetime. Get out the Guinness. Not BRILLIANT!

Joran Van Der Sloot is apparently feeling no heat from anyone. He writes a book while still a formal suspect and then does a book tour. Who in their right mind does that? No one has ever confused Joran with someone in their right mind.

Joran has told his story so many times, he actually believes it now. It's actually quite ridiculous to believe that Joran has no involvement. He admitted himself he is still the last person seen with Natalee.

Hey Joran, there isn't anymore time to have something bad happen using your own time line. You must think there are some really stupid people out here to believe that we believe anything you have to say. You look more guilty everyday. Keep talking! Please keep TALKING!

Joran blabbered on and on during the interview. He blabbered about the 'missing shoes'. It's is interesting that Joran continues to say that they are 'SHOES' as in plural. It's also interesting that Former Chief of Polis said they were looking for a MATCHING SHOE when draining the pond at the Marriott. Hard to know who to believe here. An admitted liar - Joran Van Der Sloot or a bumbling boob of a Former Chief of Polis - Gerold Dompig. That one is a tough call. I'll still go with Dompig. Dompig is not facing 15 years for being an idiot.

Natalee was drunk and acting crazy. She had a lot to drink, according to Joran. Well, that was the case until Joran miraculously found that he could be charged with rape for digitally penetrating Natalee.

Now Natalee is not drunk and not unconscious. Question? How does a person that has not been drinking and has not been drugged against her will go from a normal state of behavior to in and out of consciousness?

Remember Freddy Zedan Abrambatzis' declaration states that Natalee would not wake up. The suspects panicked and the rest is not known according to Freddy in the recently released PV due to the Kalpoe V McGraw case.

So which is it?

If Natalee is recovered, and I hope to God she is, please beware that the Beach Troll story will be the final chapter. Joran and Paulus have insulated themselves in-case Natalee is indeed found. They have already established so many lies and half-truths that the Dutch Investigators will be left wondering what they are even doing investigating the case. Joran and Paulus have left one person to hold the GUILT.

Boeti Naar. Boeti you better lawyer UP!


Anonymous said...

Great commentary Rob!! Thanks for understanding mt ramblings too the other night. As a Mom, these cases just break my heart AND infuriate me!! How DARE these creeps hurt our babies!!! Joran WILL NOT get away with this, this is my daily and nightly prayer, that these 4 will not get away with what they have done, to Natalee, to her family, to her friends, and to all of us who have come to have known these wonderful people, and love them. Keep up the great work, you are becoming a true voice for the victims and their loved ones!! And if you have a moment and still have my e-mail address, please elaborate for me your theory on how Boeti ties in to all this. Did the sob witness the whole thing?
Thanks again and keep up the great work!! i know how hard emotionally it must be, just reading and praying is difficult for me, but you must feel a bit less powerless than the rest of us because of your efforts. May God Bless you and your work.

Zoltan said...

ldstlou- Thanks for all the kind words. They mean a lot.

As for Boeti- Joran and (mostly Paulus) want Natalee on the beach for a reason (and away from their house) and if she is located at sea, they can say the last place Joran was triangulated to was the beach. Joran gets off and Boeti gets charged .. or someone like Boeti.

I'm still not convinced anything new has happened.


Anonymous said...

Great post .. IMO.. and As much as I hate to say it. that Tim Miller and TES is the last hope we all have.
TY for the great work you have done on your blog in regards to all of these sad and horrific cases.. If only things like this didnt happen.. and the world was a safe haven to be in. :)


mayan_moons said...

Thank you Rob for your thoughtful and informative article's on behalf of Natalee and other missing people. Little Maddy being kidnapped is so horrible and will tug at our heart's for a long time i fear. I see some are going after Maddy's parents in some very mean comments, much like Beth & Dave have had to endure.
People like you and Carpe and many many other's help keep hope alive by keeping the stories alive.

Bless You