Sunday, June 24, 2007


Yesterday at approximately 3:30PM EST Bobby Cutts confessed. There have been a few conflicting reports as to what happened and how Jessie was ultimately found.

I feel confidant based on what I have heard, he did confess. Thank God the nightmare is over for Jessie's Family. This could have gone on and on. Jessie's Family was living the nightmare that so many others have lived.

Yesterday afternoon, Patti Porter, Jessie's Mom was very distraught. And I certainly understand and I hope you do too. Patti has lost a huge part of herself and her lovely, caring, and out-going Daughter is gone.

I understand the pain all too well. Those that are left behind are left to deal with the horror of thinking about whether their loved one suffered and fact that someone they loved and cared about so much was treated like a piece of trash. How could someone do that to their child? How? The Horror.

But what about Jessie. She is the VICTIM. Jessie had her life TAKEN. The most precious gift ever. Nothing is more valuable than LIFE. Jessie's LIFE is over. There will not be another one. It is FINAL. There is no undoing the few moments that ended what was God's GIFT to Jessie.

God's plan for UNIVERSE and HUMANITY is LIFE. It is the reason God created the Universe. It's not an experiment. It was designed based on God's incredible vision. If there is no LIFE, there is no reason to create the Universe. There would be nothing in it to appreciate the remarkable Power of God.

Why didn't God step in and save Jessie? We all ask ourselves this question again and again. God can intervene whenever God wants. God is the past, the present and the future and knows all and all that will ever occur. As you see your life unfolding, God already knows every detail of what will occur. God does not live in the present, as you and I do. So why did God allow this to happen?

When God built the UNIVERSE His plan is to let it unfold as intended. Did God know this would happen. Of course God knew. God does not intervene unless God decides. Bobby Cutts could have decided to NOT take Jessie's LIFE. As you and I have Free-Will so does Bobby.

Bobby Cutts is not unique. He is one of millions that have taken a life for no reason since the creation of man and woman.

What was unique? Jessie was unique. God created Jessie and God's plans for Jessie were circumvented by Bobby Cutts.

We have seen so many people killed for no reason that some have probably developed a thick skin to it. Some throw their hands up in the air and wonder to themselves, What can I do? How do I change what is happening? Can anything really be done? I'm just one person, how do I change anything?

Those are questions we all ask ourselves. It's part of human nature and it's part of God's plan for Free-Will. God gave man Free-Will in order to allow him to make choices to enhance his life or diminish it.

By changing hearts and helping people that need help you make a difference and fulfill God's Plan.

Jessie will not be forgotten. We all wish would could forget Bobby Cutts. But we can't. We can not forget that he is alleged to have taken a LIFE for no reason. Bobby Cutts was not defending himself against a predator who was trying to kill him.

We may never know the real reasons why he did what he is alleged. The Family of Jessie needs to know WHY.

Prayers for Jessie, her Family and the Community that tried so hard to find her. They all need support right now. They all need a kind word and a hug.

Remember when something like what happened to Jessie occurs, it happens to everyone. We are not part of Jessie's Family, but we are all part of the Family of Humanity.

Jessie is Loved.

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Anonymous said...

That was one of the greatest commentaries I have ever read. God Bless you and keep up your mission.