Monday, June 25, 2007


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June 24,2007

17 months have now passed since Jennifer was taken from us through a cowardly act of abduction. To Jennifer we say, "We have unconditional love for you and will never stop searching for you - never - until you are found and brought back home to us, your family". As time passes, we her family, Police, friends, volunteers and people who care around the world have not faltered or slowed down in our continual search for her, her belongings and the Prime Suspect who was last seen driving her car and parking it for good at The Huntington on the Green condominium complex on the corner of Texas and Americana Blvd. in Orlando, Fl., January 24, 2006 at high noon and simply walking away never looking back.

To this day there has been NOTHING found of hers that tells us of her whereabouts or that of the Suspect. It is for this reason that we still hold out HOPE that Jennifer is alive, somewhere in our world and is waiting to be found and/or rescued. We have had the task of keeping the awareness of Jennifer's abduction in the public's eyes and minds through every means possible most recently and currently through a $1,000,000 reward for her "Safe Return" good through July 4, 2007 and the use of a Mobile Billboard in Orlando roaming the streets with all the information anyone needs to know to help us solve her disappearance. We urge all of you who have helped us or who simply care to continue to keep the awareness high through any means possible.

Awareness is EVERYTHING!!!!! You, the general public, are Jennifer's greatest asset and will in the long run solve what has happened to our beloved daughter. "BE THE SOLUTION!", you hold the key to the answers we so desperately are seeking and only through your continued support and keeping your eyes and ears open will it help to end Jennifer's journey through Hell.

No one should have to go through what is or has happened to Jennifer. Just for a second put yourself in her shoes and feel the shear horror and Hell of being taken by someone against your will and never to be seen again for 17 months thus far. Your heart skips a beat or actually stops for a second or more, your palms get sweaty, it's hard to breathe, your mind goes in a thousand different directions, do you fight? can you fight? or do you let yourself be controlled by your captor(s) in hopes someone finds you and soon? After time do you simply become another person in your mind, not remembering who you truly are so you can cope with your situation or do you keep your mind and live a life of total control and fear by another person(s)? Let that feeling guide you in helping to keep Jennifer's name and face out there to the world. Will you be next? Who will be next? And what will you do?

To the person(s) who have taken Jennifer from us. You cannot run or hide forever. You and she will be found, that we promise and have no doubt of. You have committed a horrific crime against Jennifer and Humanity that is not tolerated in our society and we will not back down in fear of you or your cowardly act. There are millions of people looking for Jennifer and YOU every moment all over the world. You should be looking over your shoulder every second of everyday you breathe the air you don't deserve. Don't sleep for you are most vulnerable then to be found. Afraid to show your face in public? You should be because one day very soon, someone is going to recognize you and this will all be over and you probably don't think we know what your face looks like - wrong again. Think you can trust your friends? Wrong, they will be your downfall. They will have to give you up to save themselves for they are just as guilty as you. Think we'll simply give up? You cannot be farther from reality. We will continue to hunt you down until we have you. Think you will get away with what you have done? Not a chance as long as we have an ounce of breathe left in our bodies. The time has come for you, to simply give up. You have no future constantly on the run, hiding, hoping someone doesn't recognize you, trying to keep your secret(there are no secrets in this world). You are most likely very tired of being on the run, worrying, wondering when you will be found or turned in by a friend, lover, teacher, neighbor, stranger, boss, pastor, or even your own family. Will it be by the check out person at a store you visit or by a toll collector on a road you drive. Maybe by your doctor, lawyer or the delivery guy you just ordered dinner from? Will it be by a passerby on the street that notices you? Or the cop who stops you for a traffic violation? You see there is no place to hide, YOU are being looked for everywhere as well as Jennifer. More people are aware of you than you can possibly imagine.

We wish to share a very touching letter we received from one of Jennifer's closest friends.

Drew, Joyce, Logan Kesse and Rob Allen

Jenn, Each morning when I wake up, I think of you. I wonder if you can see the sunshine. Each evening when I fall asleep, I think of you. I wonder if you have a blanket to keep warm. And each hour in between, I think of you. I wonder where you are.

They say time heals everything. I don't know who "they" are, but they're wrong. The days, weeks and months continue to tick by since your disappearance on January 24, 2006 and nothing has gotten easier. The void of not having you around isn't getting smaller; The sadness I feel today isn't any less than that Tuesday; The ache in my heart hurts just as much.

I think of all the times you've come to my rescue, all the times you've held me as I cried, and all the times you've sat with me when I needed you most … and now I sit here with the deepest feeling of failure. Failure, because I can't come to you at this time you so desperately need someone. I'm sorry the puzzle pieces to your horrific experience aren't all put together. I'm sorry we haven't found you yet. I'm sorry this is taking so long.

My memories of you are what keep my feet moving forward - seeing your picture, imaging your laugh, remembering the wonderful years we spent together. My thoughts of the future are what keep my feet moving forward - imaging the day when your hell is over.

Until then, I want you to know you are loved. I want you to know we will never give up. We WILL find you.

xoxo Lindsay

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