Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Message From Bill Gilmour

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My Friends, over the last two years I have become friends with so many wonderful people. I have had the opportunity to meet some of God's Finest. People who put aside their own personal lives in the hopes of helping others.

I have also had the opportunity to meet the families of the VICTIMS. I must tell you that there is nothing more heart-wrenching than seeing the pain on their faces as they encounter the unimaginable. The LOSS of a Family Member and the uncertainty that follows.

I have had the pleasure of becoming an ally of one such Family. That Family is the Kesse Family. I have a special place in my heart for both Jennifer and Natalee and so many other CRIME VICTIMS.

I have been very fortunate to assist Jennifer's Uncle Bill Gilmour. As I respect the Holloway and Twitty Families, I hold the Kesse Family in the same high regard. They are fine people and deserve the answers to the questions they seek.

On January 24th 2006, Jennifer was abducted from her Condo in Orlando Florida.

On January 24th 2007 Bill sent me a message of hope on the one year anniversary of Jennifer's disappearance and he has given me permission to share that message with you. I share this message with you in the hopes that you may understand the Pain, Hope and Faith the Families have deal with on a daily basis and the fact that life stops when a Family Member goes missing.

Bill's Message-

Heavenly Father, we love and miss Jennifer every minute of every day, we gather here before you, our hearts aching, in prayer, asking You to continue to watch over and protect her, while pleading to You to touch the hearts of the individuals involved in her disappearance so that they will do the right thing and allow her to return safely to her family and friends.

We seek comfort in Your Word. The Apostle Paul, in the Book of Romans, tells us that God works in “all things” – not just isolated incidents – for our good. This does not mean that everything that happens to us is good. Evil is prevalent in our lost world, but God will work in every situation to produce positive outcomes.

We ask questions and seek answers to make sense of why bad things continue to happen to good people. Help us understand and put in our hearts the desire to follow the message Jesus gave us…to truly love God and our neighbors for if we do we will naturally keep your commandments, and our actions will be focused on caring about one another.

Help us to understand that when You comfort us, our troubles don’t necessarily go away. Comfort can come from receiving strength, encouragement and hope to deal with our troubles.
LORD, help us to know that our joy, prayers and thankfulness should not fluctuate with our circumstances or feelings. Having a persistent and patient prayerful attitude under ALL circumstances acknowledges your presence within us and our dependence on you.
We ask You to grant each of us Your peace and grace, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Psychics and Psychos

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I have been reading about the British Government's recent revelations that they initiated a program using 'psychics' to find Bin Laden. The program's costs were roughly $35,000 or £18,000 The program never really got off the ground because the participants collectively scored only a 28% success rate. The testing only asked the 'psychics' to identify the contents of an envelope and not the actual coordinates identifying Bin Laden's whereabouts. Governmental conclusion - this stuff is unreliable and not worth the effort of entertaining such nonsense. Finally someone got it exactly RIGHT.

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Throughout the Natalee Holloway case Psychics, Intuitives, Remote Viewers, and Out Of Body whatchamacallits have said Natalee is both alive and dead. Can both sides be correct? Of course not. Right there is ample evidence that this 'alternative' methodology is not at all accurate.

I have heard Natalee is buried under a 'Star', in the port area near a buoy, in a pet cemetery, in the old golf course, and in the old Arawak Indian cemetery.

I have also heard that Natalee is alive. She is in Aseribo, Barranquilla, San Paolo, and in the United States.

Although I do not believe Natalee is alive, I do know that she is a very recognizable person due to the world wide media attention her case has garnered and if she were alive, someone would have recognized her and told the proper authorities and the Holloway's or Twitty's.

I believe that some psychics are in fact truly gifted. There is so much about the human brain that is unknown to science. I have seen television programs like 'Psychic Detectives' and I am impressed with some of the results that have occurred. To completely dismiss this as something that can NOT be developed in the future would be naive.

I also believe that some of these people are truly deranged and dangerous. Take Ms. Sylvia Brown for instance. She told a nationwide audience that Shawn Hornbeck was dead. Ms. Brown went to say in the presence of Mr. Hornbeck's parents, (Pam and Craig Akers) their son "is no longer with us" but she had the impression his body was in a wooded area about 20 miles southwest of Richwoods. She said it would be near two large, jagged boulders that seem out of place in that area.


I do not know enough about Ms. Brown to make a total and complete judgment on her 'career'. I do know this, she is dangerous. I know enough about the human condition to know that it is shenanigans like these that can cause long term problems for people searching for their missing loved ones. To the Acker's credit, they never gave up hope that Shawn was alive and as we all know, Shawn is back where he belongs, with his family.

To the Holloway's and Twitty's credit they have never placed too much credence in this alternative methodology. I know that they did listen, but after hearing so many differing points of view and none that seemed to overlap, they basically stopped all inter-action. You would certainly think that if two 'real' psychics did have information in the case, it would over-lap and draw the attention of the Family. That did not occur.

I have been interested in clandestine programs as long as I can remember. Remote Viewing (RV), Star Wars, Experimental Aircraft and basically anything that seems as if there could be a backing that comes from science. All new technology starts out as a dream. Ask Mr. Bill Gates, Mr. Larry Ellison, Dr. Jonas Salk, or Dr. Robert Jarvik. Most just never make it past the experimental stage. Which is where this mind bending methodology has remained for over 75 years.

I first heard about Remote Viewing during the 1980's at the end of the Cold War. It was used to determine if RV's could look into meetings of High Ranking Kremlin Officials to see if information could be gleaned from across the world. As we all know now, it was not as successful as the good ole cat and mouse used for centuries and was eventually abandoned. I do understand there was some success and to say that the program was a total failure would not be accurate. The success could be accounted for by shear coincidence.

21 months have passed since Natalee became a CRIME VICTIM on Aruba and recently a new 'psychic' has decided to weigh in. I am highly skeptical that any new information will be produced and it seems like a ploy to use the CRIME against Natalee to further a career.

The TRUTH is on Aruba on Montanja 19. I'm not a psychic and I know that. My success rate remains at an astonishing 100 percent.

Anyone NOT looking at the Van Der Sloot's as the prime suspects is trying obfuscate the issues and derail the case. The TRUTH is known to the ALE. They just don't like that TRUTH.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Eunuch lsland

Aruba is truly the Isle of the Eunuchs. Not one person with a set of BALLS. Not one!

On Aruba, every time you turn around someone is getting a certificate for taking the garbage out or showing up for work on time. (by the way, both of those endeavors require a graduate degree from Collegio Arubano.)

The stock of Tiaras is at an all time low after this month's Carnival. I have received information that next year's Carnival will feature tiaras for both eunuchs and women. An order of almost 75,000 tiaras has already been placed to ensure they will arrive in time for next year's Carnival. Steve Cohen has generously decided to foot the bill.

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Certificates and tiaras to boost the over all atmosphere and moral on Aruba. That along with threats from the Prime Minister to 'unleash his militia' on his own people have everyone on Aruba drooling over of champagne nights and caviar dreams. (Said with dripping sarcasm.)

Tourism is way way down, and is not coming back any time soon, if ever. So the Aruban Authorities have come up with an ingenious plan to use hypnosis so the locals believe all is well. What's next? burning down the Diario and shutting off the internet? I would not put that past Mr. Nelson Oduber, after all he controls all communications on Eunuch Island.

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No one talks on Aruba. As we all know, they all know each other, but dont know each other. After 21 months of reaching out to the people on Aruba for information about what happened to Natalee Holloway, no one will volunteer information as to what happened. That of course includes the incentive of 250 Thousand Dollars for the whereabouts of Natalee Holloway and 1 MILLION Dollars for her safe return. And still no one talks. Cops ask for money for information instead of DOING THE RIGHT THING and the Aruban Authorities offer no hope that they will ever re-detain the four main suspects.

Who knows what happened to Natalee?

1. Nelson Oduber - He's not talking and worried he's gonna be in a US Federal Lock Up. He had the nerve to say he wants the Natalee Holloway Investigation to go away already. Real compassionate human being here huh? How can an investigation that never really got started be shut down? Seems simple minded.

2. Rudy Croes - He's not talking and worried he's gonna have human trafficking charges leveled against him.

3. Karin Jansen - She's not talking to anyone, that includes Natalee's Family and Family Attorney John Q. Kelly.

4. Gerold Dompig - He talks and talks and talks, but no one can figure out what the hell he's talking about. Mr. Dompig contradicted himself so often he had a gag order placed on him. Too bad he did not tell what he REALLY knew when he had the chance.

5. Jan Van Der Straaten - If anyone truly knows what happened, it's this human debris. As you all know, Mr. Van Der Straaten is no Victim's Rights Advocate and leaves a Family to twist in the wind while his buddy - Paulus Van Der Sloot jerks everyone else around.

6. Dutch Investigators / Interrogators (otherwise known as The Kid Glove Love Squad.) They know exactly who CONFESSED. Yet it takes a re-examination in Holland of all the information? It's quite clear that the Dutch have a stake in this case by their deafening silence.

7. Dolph Richardson - New Lead Investigator and Polis Chief. He's not new on the Force, just new to taking the helm of this cover-up.

8. Edwin 'Papito' Commencia - High Commissioner and Founder of the Body Squad. Carribean Man of Mystery or Misery, depends on how you look at this guy. He was on the case from day one and certainly knows the TRUTH.

Eight people / entities right there that know what happened to Natalee and not one does anything about it. No one has the GUTS to do the RIGHT thing.

Whatever it is Aruba is hiding, we will find it, uncover it and expose it to the world.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Pain Continues

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As we move into the final three months of the Natalee Holloway investigation, the pain felt by Natalee's parents is just as great as it was on the day she disappeared and became a CRIME VICTIM on Aruba. As we all know, Natalee did not simply vanish into thin air, as some on Aruba would like you to believe. Natalee became a crime victim of Paulus and Joran Van Der Sloot simply because the world's worst parents had no idea what to do with a freaking sociopath. And apparently still have no clue.

Mother of the Year (NOT!), admitted that Joran should have been interrogated and thrown in jail if he did anything to 'The GIRL'. Well, we're all still waiting for that criminal to have his day in court and be tried and convicted.

The World's Worst Father, (by a long shot by the way), started the chain of events that led to the situation that the Holloway's, Twitty's and the rest of us that care are still facing. And for that he takes no responsibility. Paulus Van Der Sloot is the main reason why some people should never, ever have children. Slime bag hardly describes Mr. Van Der Sloot. Of the 600,000 words in the English language, I can think of many that describe Mr. Van Der Sloot, however none will be complimentary.

Mr. Van Der Sloot : 'I could tell what happened, but too many people will be hurt.'

WTF???? Who are these people you reference here? and why the hell aren't you in jail for that statement alone?

Mr. Van Der Sloot admits he knows what happened, but is still not in jail, and has been released from suspect status. If that isn't a WTF moment, I don't know what is.

Mr. Van Der Sloot is NOT worried about hurting Natalee's Family. He is doing that on a daily basis, and will continue until someone with a set of BALLS puts their foot down on this travesty called an investigation. So, who is Mr. Van Der Sloot worried about hurting? The People of Aruba? Doubtful, he doesn't care about them. He has caused irreparable damage that could take 50 years to undo. So who does Mr. Van Der Sloot hold in such high esteem that he is so concerned that their 'feelings' or reputations could suffer? Do tell Mr. Van Der Sloot, do tell.

It was apparent from the very beginning, Mr. Van Der Sloot did not care one iota for the welfare of Natalee Holloway. He did not care that a family was searching the island for their 'missing' daughter, he cared so little that he never even made an attempt to help. Mr. Van Der Sloot prevented a complete search of the island to protect himself. It's all so clear now. Not only does he NOT help, he hinders.

Mr. Van Der Sloot, blocks access to his home through relationships with fellow Judges, he destroys evidence, he destroys case files on his son and himself, and is an over-all nightmare for anyone trying to get Justice for a Family member.

Yep, you're one sick twisted animal Mr. Van Der Sloot.

Joran Van Der Sloot is a chip off the old block. Like father like son.

Joran says he will 'tell the truth someday, just not right now.'

So here we also have the prime suspect in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway stating that he knows what happened and he is still not in jail. Again WTF!

How Paulus and Joran Van Der Sloot have managed to remain free is causing anyone with even a small modicum of decency to question everything Dutch and Aruban. If this is not a cover-up, then it is the greatest set of coincidences in the history of the world.

I am not buying that Paulus and Joran Van Der Sloot are innocent. I am not buying that they are 'VICTIMS' of a larger conspiracy to frame them. I am also not buying that the Van Der Sloot's will ever tell anything resembling the TRUTH. The TRUTH is for suckers according to these two depraved hellions.

So the pain continues for a Family trying to get the answers they deserve. The pain of not knowing what became of Natalee continues. As the pain continues, so does the search for answers.

We have Truth and Justice on our side. The Van Der Sloot's, the Dutch and Aruba only have lies and deceit.

I already know who will win this battle.

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

I have my EYE on Paulus.

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The push to exonerate Paulus Van Der Sloots enters the home stretch. The spin to make Paulus Van Der Sloot appear to be something he is certainly not moves into overdrive with interviews in Holland as Mr. Van Der Sloot continues to lie.

And as the Dutch and Aruban Authorities negotiate their way through the mine field of the last few months of the Natalee Holloway investigation even the most ardent of the Van Der Sloot supporters has never said that Paulus Van Der Sloot is NOT guilty of the crimes against Natalee Holloway.

This person has repeatedly stated there is no evidence to tie Joran Van Der Sloot to the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.

Interesting that this person has said nothing about the guilt or innocence of Paulus.

Who is this person I speak of?

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Yes, Attorney Joseph Tacopina.

Mr. Tacopina was hired to represent Joran and Paulus Van Der Sloot in the New York Civil Suit that was eventually dismissed for Lack of Convenience.

Many find Mr. Tacopina abrasive, in need of a class on self-control and hardly a Victims Rights Advocate for his flip flop on the Natalee Holloway case while representing the Family of Emette St. Guillen. Interesting he did not choose to represent Defendant Littlejohn, and he relegated himself to a position of Public Relations in that case. Why would Ms. Guillen need a public relations director? This seems odd considering that this does not seem to be a specialty of Mr. Tacopina or his law firm. Attorneys generally represent either the Defendant or the Plaintiff.
Rarely does a high profile attorney such as Mr. Tacopina represent the Aggrieved in a murder case. That is the Prosecutor's job.

Defense Attorneys are not hired to advocate for one causes or another. They are hired to represent the accused and get the best overall outcome given the charges leveled.

Even Mr. Tacopina's critics will never say that he is not a terrific attorney. He is a very good attorney. In fact he is so good and so competent that he would never hitch his wagon to Paulus Van Der Sloot alone.

While the New York Civil Suit was dismissed for Lack of Convenience, the merits of case have NOT been argued and those issues remain on the table. Those issues will see their day in a real Court of Law in the future.

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Mr. Tacopina is indeed clever and very bright. In fact, he was very careful to make sure he did not open his mouth about Paulus Van Der Sloot. In doing so, he knew he would be forced to make false statements and risk opening a can of worms that could certainly spiral out of control. It would always be better to spin what you can carefully craft into a message than what you know will risk implying your other client's guilt. Somethings are just never discussed. If someone mentions Paulus Van Der Sloot, change the subject.

Mr. Tacopina was able to control his message with threats to the MSM about defamation lawsuits. He warned Greta Van Sustern ON AIR that a certain line of questioning would bring a harsh rebuke and possibly 'other' consequences. Apparently Mrs. Van Susteren had been warned before and tried to put Mr. Tacopina on the spot.

Nice Job. Control the message at all costs.

It was unfortunate that Mrs. Van Susteren was not savvy enough to recognize that simply speaking about the facts, would never bring a lawsuit whether Mr. Tacopina liked it or not.

When an attorney goes on the AIR to put a positive spin on his client's situation, he must also recognize that a competent attorney MAY dispute those 'facts' as stated by the Defense Attorney. Simply telling someone to shut-up, is not professional and certainly not winning hearts or changing minds about Joran or Paulus Van Der Sloot.

Paulus 'No Corpse - No case' Van Der Sloot, created his own problems. He was a Justice Department employee and Judge in Training who certainly knew the Laws of the Land. He choose to ignore the Laws he was sworn to uphold. Paulus Van Der Sloot choose to elevate himself to where the Laws were for others and NOT him or his family.

Shouldn't a Polis Officer, Judge, Ministry Official or even the Prime Minister, be held to a higher standard? When they break the Law, shouldn't there be a completely transparent investigation to re-assure the populace that, as Aruban Prime Minister Nelson Oduber said, "No one is above the Law on Aruba."

The last 21 months have set a bad overall precedent on Aruba. The population of Aruba has questions, and they deserve answers as to what happened to Natalee Holloway and the corrupt investigation that took place.

Although Mr. Van Der Sloot is indeed a very suspicious individual in his own right, he could not have accomplished this cover-up on his own. He had help. He had access to case files on his son, and many of those files seem to be missing from the case load.

Mr. Van Der Sloot admitted he was a close associate of former Lead Prosecutor Ms. Karin Jansen. That alone should have moved the investigation in a different direction and brought in independent analysis from Holland from day one.

Mr. Van Der Sloot : "I will do anything to protect my son."

Mr. Van Der Sloot : "I picked Joran up at the McDonald's at 4 am."

Mr. Van Der Sloot : "I picked up Joran at the McDonald's at 11pm."

Mr. Van Der Sloot : "I picked up Joran AND NATALEE at the McDonald's at 4 am."

Mr. Van Der Sloot : "Good luck with that."

Mr. Van Der Sloot : "No Corpse No Case."

Mickey John : "yeah he (Deepak Kalpoe) said, the Dutch guy and his FATHER came up with the story."

Deepak Kalpoe : "Your own FATHER, unbelievable."

Anita Van Der Sloot : "and he (Joran) said, 'This wouldn't have happened if you were home.'"

Karen Jansen : "he was being held on suspicion of complicity to pre-meditated murder, complicity to kidnapping and murder and kidnapping."

Police Commissioner Jan Van Der Straten : "the arrest came after one of the three jailed youths named a fourth person in the case."

Mr. Van Der Sloot you created you own problems when you decided you were above the law, and that you were more important than Natalee Holloway and her Family.

Mr. Van Der Sloot, while you attempt to cast the blame for Natalee Holloway's disappearance on Natalee herself, her parents, the Mountain Brook students, the Kalpoes without your son, a beach troll, a blue eyed Dutch boy, card dealers and players, sex traffickers, drug lords, mafioso's, cartels, I know exactly who to look at.

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Karin Proves Me Right!

Karin Jansen has done the unthinkable.

She has proven me correct.

For any still on the fence about what the Natalee Holloway case was always about, it should be very clear now. It was always about Paulus Van Der Sloot.

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According to information discovered by Diario in the case of Natalee Holloway, Ms. Jansen has left a dossier of evidence behind. (NOT part of the 400 KGs. of documents sent to the Netherlands for analysis.) In the dossier is a statement / declaration / tape indicating two people overheard Paulus Van Der Sloot admit he picked up Joran AND NATALEE HOLLOWAY AT 4 AM and NOT 11 PM at the Palm Beach McDonald's as he contended he was mistakenly overheard as he gave a statement outside his home in the early hours of the investigation into the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.

According to Diario, the individuals are Arubans and would not have a language barrier.

Now I could write here about what a total and complete failure Paulus Van Der Sloot is, but that has all been documented and discussed to the point that there isn't much more that can be said about a man with no soul that hasn't been said again and again.

So, how do I come to the conclusion that this is all about Paulus Van Der Sloot?

First of all, that is Paulus Van Der Sloot on the casino video. He is engaging Natalee Holloway in some type of disarming small talk. Natalee, while talking to Paulus, points toward Joran as if to say, 'Oh that's your son?' Now why would she point in the direction of Joran as if not to acknowledge it is Paulus Van Der Sloot's son? Ed Kissel's statement indicates the MB students had seen Joran around the Holiday Inn, and according to other statements Joran had met Natalee before the night at the casino.

People playing cards often engage in talk with other players. There is nothing unusual about that. From what has been seen of the casino video, neither Natalee or Paulus are playing cards, but seem to just be observing others. Whether more of that video exists has yet to be seen. Also, not seen is the entry and exit times of both Paulus and Joran Van Der Sloot. Such a segment has been made public of Natalee Holloway's entry and exit. Her time-line is in the casino has been established. Paulus seems to have some desire to engage a teenager in conversation. That is the odd part. Why is a middle aged man engaging Natalee Holloway is a conversation? Is this middle aged man so attention deprived he needs reassurance from an 18 year old?

I have noticed that two important facts have been overlooked by virtually everyone.

First, if Paulus did in fact pick up Joran and Natalee at 4 AM, his whereabouts are unaccounted for from the time he is spotted on that casino video and 4 AM. Where was Paulus this entire time?

Second, According to Joran, he snuck out of his home at 11 PM, yet was not picked up until 12:15 - 12:25 AM by the Kalpoe's. Where was Joran from the time he left the casino and 12:15 - 12:25 AM? I doubt he is sitting in his front yard waiting for the Kalpoe's to arrive. If Paulus Van Der Sloot is not home, as he claims, it is unlikely that Joran snuck out at all, and could have been out and about from the time he exits the casino and wherever the Kalpoe's actually pick him up.

You have two of the main suspects with unaccounted for time. According to Joran, Paulus went home to feed a brother dinner . As with everything Joran has said, you can bet that is a lie also. He has no credibility. Early reports have Paulus Van Der Sloot returning from Holland via Curacao to Aruba alone. The other children traveled with Anita Van Der Sloot when she returned on Wednesday.

Gardener kills alibi.

The Gardener spotted three people in the vehicle of Deepak Kalpoe. Joran Van Der Sloot was seated in the driver seat, while Deepak Kalpoe was seated in the front passenger seat. The third person in the back seat was unable to be identified by the Gardener. The Gardener has given sworn testimony as to what he saw and to date has not been dis-credited. In fact, he along with the Jogger are the only two witnesses that I find credible at this time. Neither wavered from the original account. Although both appear to be no where in sight and seem to have been deported.

The Gardener spotted those three in the Aruba Racquet club area between 2:30 AM and 3 AM. The Jogger places them in the vicinity at roughly the same time.

Now even on the magical land of Aruba where statements and evidence vanish like a Adam Steinfeld Production,
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a suspect can not be in two places at once. It's physically impossible. Joran and Deepak were not at the Van Der Sloot home when Natalee placed the call where she states, 'I don't know these guys / people.'

3 AM call Aruban Time or 4 AM Alabama Time. One hour difference for Central Time only and NOT Daylight Savings Time.

If Joran and Deepak are not at the home when the call is made, only one person has admitted to being in the home during those hours. That person is Paulus Van Der Sloot. According to Paulus Van Der Sloot, he slept through the night, and did not make any phone calls. We later learned that Paulus Van Der Sloot was not telling the truth here either. He later admitted to Van Tuys that he may have made some call(s) between 2 AM and 7 AM. Paulus Van Der Sloot contradicted his own statement again and blew his own credibility.

We also later discovered, that Paulus Van Der Sloot was up that night looking up the effects of drugs and alcohol on teenagers. And let's not forget, the ever incriminating, search for attorneys during the same night. Searching for one or the other itself is not a nail in the coffin, but the two together allow a reasonable person to conclude that a problem with drugs and / or alcohol exist and an attorney is now needed. The time had passed for an ambulance by his actions.

Paulus Van Der Sloot - "If Natalee is never found," Paul says, "it will always, always hit our lives, not only the lives of the Holloways, but also our lives."


Why would the lives of the Van Der Sloot's be affected if they have nothing to hide and are in fact innocent?

In the above statement Paulus Van Der Sloot gives you a detailed look at his psyche. He never helped look for Natalee. He obstructed the investigation from the first moments. He fought to have the FBI excluded from the search for Natalee. FBI divers were not permitted to search along the coast.

It was Paulus all along. Karin had the initial charges correct. What happened afterward is becoming more clear every day.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Open Letter to Prime Minister Oduber

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As the clock ticks down on the Natalee Holloway investigation, the clock tics down on you Sir- Mr. Oduber.

Tic Toc Tic Toc.

As you and your government count the hours until Aruba is free from the so-called Natalee Holloway investigation, America is counting also. In fact, it is not the American citizenry that is counting, but the US Federal Government. The same Government you recently tried to buy a favorable rating from through Jack Abramoff.

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Mr. Oduber, you are right to be concerned. You should be very concerned. The US Federal Government is building a huge case against you and your corrupt Government. The name Manuel Noriega I'm sure just hit your small mind like another fake bust in the Free Trade Zone.

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And it should. You have a lot of problems and they go way beyond the Natalee Holloway case. You know it and I know it. In fact, Former President Bill Clinton knows it and has told all he knows and has made no secret as to what exactly he knows. You have no friends in America any longer.

Years of looking the other way while America is trying to rid it's streets of Cocaine, Crack and the violence it brings are over. Someone is always held responsible. It's your turn.

I would tell you to pick up the phone an make a call, but that is not necessary, as you have written warning. A common courtesy that the Justice Department provides most under investigation.

I know during that Clinton Era you were able to convince many that you were a valuable ally. You were quite convincing. Those days are over Sir and you have no clout left.

America may seem preoccupied with a war in Iraq and an up-coming strike on Iran, but America always has time to make sure it's own hemisphere is healthy. You have created an imbalance that is not healthy for America. Threatening to unleash 'your militia' on your own people is not a good start.

You see Sir, you created your own dilemma. You could have laid low and under the radar, but you decided to flex a muscle made out of rubber. You could have ordered the case of Natalee Holloway solved and cast the light somewhere else. You choose to enter the lime-light, and you will pay. No one ever heard of you before Natalee Holloway, and maybe that was the problem. You seem to be a man that has become so full of himself that your $68,000.oo a month salary on the backs of the common Arubans has some how inflated your ego to a point of no return.

Everything was going well after 9-11 and visitors were finally returning to Aruba and putting aside the fear of flying and getting stripped searched to visit your island, when you decided to roll the dice. You thought that you could have it all. Coke shipments and tourism. Well, no country can have it all, as you will soon find out. Guns and Butter.

Mr. Oduber, Aruba was never more than a place to get away. It was never a major player other than a strategic point for the war on the drugs with the Colombians. When you decided to become an ally of the very forces that propped you up, you sealed your fate. Just as Noriega did.
When you decided that the FARC and Chavez were potential allies, you alienated all you had.

America just took one Dictator down. What makes you think that you have a more valuable relationship than one that was a strategic point for the Middle East?

Mr. Oduber, Manuel Noriega will be vacating his cell in June after 18 years, just in time for a new resident.

Cards are played everyday, you must live with your hand.