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I come across all kinds of heart-wrenching stories. I see it all. I try to post stories that are not only informative and compelling to you the reader, but also raises AWARENESS of VICTIMS. Those are my main goals when I am not giving my views on CRIME AND PUNISHMENT. I also include research and contributions from my friends. I leave the comments section open for you to voice your opinions on the Matters of the Day.

While researching the MADELEINE MCCANN Case, I came across a story that illustrates the PAIN felt by so many of the Families of those MISSING.

Remember it only takes ONE SECOND for a child to be abducted. Never take your eyes off your child and never ever assume someone else is watching your child as you would.

By Kate Jackson 02/06/2007

AS Kate and Gerry McCann search desperately for their missing daughter Madeleine, one woman knows exactly how much they are suffering.

Natasha Lee's two-year-old sister Katrice was snatched from a supermarket 25 years ago - and has never been found.

Civil servant Natasha, 32, from Gosport, Hants, was seven when Katrice vanished in a supermarket while her family were living in Germany.

And she prays that Madeleine's two-year-old twin siblings Sean and Amelie will not have to grow up without their sister, as she has had to.

Natasha, who has offered to speak to the McCanns, said:

'I've been waiting more than 25 years to find my little sister Katrice. All I can hope is that Madeleine's siblings Sean and Amelie don't have to wait that long.

I'll never forget the day Katrice went missing. It was her second birthday and my parents, Richard and Sam, along with my auntie Wendy, had taken her to the supermarket for supplies for her birthday party. I had stayed at home with my uncle.

My dad, a sergeant in the British Army, waited outside the Naafi supermarket while the others shopped.

Katrice was too excited to stay in the trolley so my mum carried her. When they got to the checkout, though, mum remembered she needed to go back for crisps and left Katrice with my aunt.

When she returned to the checkout, Katrice was nowhere to be seen. My aunt thought she had followed my mum down the aisle but she had vanished. I remember sitting at home with my Uncle Cliff when my dad walked through the door saying they couldn't find Katrice. I couldn't understand what that meant.

I remember seeing my mum in the car. She was absolutely hysterical. I just couldn't understand what on earth was going on. Hopefully, because they're only two years old, Sean and Amelie will be too young to remember this sort of thing.

We moved back to the UK when I was about 18, when my parents split up. Madeleine's parents must have found her fourth birthday particularly hard.

My sister disappeared on her birthday and the anniversary is always emotional. She'll be 27 now.

I've missed out on day trips with her, going shopping together - little things like asking where my shoes are.

Kate and Gerry have had so much support and publicity. They've managed to keep it in the public eye and that's crucial.


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