Sunday, June 17, 2007



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I haven't been posting the last fews days simply because there is no new info in the cases I follow. I have been spending time trying to get some info on Madeleine. I have spent some time on UK Forums and found some interesting items there. Most is rumor and conjecture and simply not worthy of repeating.

What I do find interesting - no matter what the case, internet sleuths turn on a family in a matter of moments. It would be nearly impossible for the McCanns to know every detail of what happened during their vacation. Should one detail not be confirmed, the internet sleuths immediately assume they are hiding something.

I do not know if the McCanns have anything do to with the disappearance of Madeleine and the Authorities don't either, but the sleuths seem to already know the out-come.

I could give you post after post of people that are linking all kinds of theories to the McCanns and seem content to hang the McCanns based on little more than info gathered from the net. Let's remember the Madeleine McCann case is on day 44 and not day 747 like Natalee Holloway's. Much more is known about Natalee's case and there have been formal suspects, unlike Madeleine's where no suspect beyond Robert Murat has been identified.

There is a lot to learn and as those FACTS become known, perspectives will change one way or the other. It is too early to form any conclusion as to what exactly happened to Madeleine.

Some of the more innocuous tid-bits the sleuths have picked up on are small details that the McCanns seem to remember differently. Even if the memory of the event is whether the sky was cloudy or clear.

There are certainly items that they have found that do need further investigation, but in no way inspire anyone to light the torches and form a mob. The mob mentality is not going to get Madeleine home. Only a competent investigation will.

What is my theory?

I believe Madeleine was abducted by a seasoned pedophile and most likely still alive. I believe that the pedophile had watched the McCanns during their holiday and noticed they seem to leave their children at night while they joined friends for dinner or drinks. During the stay in Portugal, the McCanns did take advantage of a free baby-sitting service during the evening and on the night in question seem to have by-passed a chance at free baby-sitting. Which fuels the conspiracy theorists. I do not know if that is completely true as I have not heard anyone in a position of authority make that claim publicly. It is possible that item is in print and I missed it or I may not remember reading it.

Remember it only takes one moment to abduct a child. It has happened while a parent was in the same aisle as the child in a supermarket and the child appears to have simply vanished.

My assumption at this point is that someone took advantage of the McCanns naiveté. The McCanns admit they were somewhat naive to the ways of the world. It's hard for me to understand how a doctor could not know what the world is all about but that alone does not make him guilty. A seasoned pedophile wants the parents blamed and the search for the child abandoned. In this case the pedophile has accomplished his goal. Very few are looking for the pedophile even though there have been a series of child abductions in the same area over the years.

More info will need to be discovered and confirmed before anyone can truly point the finger at the McCanns.

Please feel free to voice you views in the comment section.


Anonymous said...

It infuriates me how once again, the victims are being blamed and scrutinized!! Can you imagine what this poor Mother and Father are going through? Absolutely rediculous blaming it on the parents. We learned through Natalee that people tend to let their guard down while on vacation, and assume they are safe. Unfortunately yet another family has found out there is no such thing as "Paradise". Call them naive, call them neglectful, but they are paying the ultimate price for their mistakes! More people should send out prayers to this poor family instead of accusations!!

mayan_moons said...

It upsets me too how some people would rather trash the victim & their families than find the missing person. I've posted several times wondering if the McCann's had seen much coverage of Natalee's case & concluded that being doctor's with 3 small children they weren't up on ALL the bizarre behaviour of Aruban Police and Officials. The blaming of victims, the lies and outright cruelty directed towards Natalee's family, for if the McCann's had seen this i doubt they'd have even gone on holiday without bringing a nanny with them. They were naive and they are being punished enough without these crazy's attacking them.

I've come to think that maybe pointing the finger at the parents is part of the plan to confuse, delay and misdirect the investigations as i never see them question police actions. While they're busy trashing the family little Maddy is forgotton by them. I can't understand it.