Wednesday, June 20, 2007


** Today's Madeleine McCann update will be the last unless there is a major break in the case.

The reason is simple. There is a wealth of info on Madeleine's case and there are sites set-up to deal specifically with her and her recovery. I have updated the Madeleine McCann section of this Blog and you can refer to those links for daily updates.

The Madeleine McCann BlogSpot is providing daily updates and please feel free to use that for your updates.

On the FIND MADELEINE Site you can find Gerry McCann's personal blog and words.

At this time with so many covering the Madeleine case there is no reason to duplicate what is out there and my time would be better served helping those that do not get the coverage that Madeleine receives.

Thank You in advance for your understanding.

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