Friday, May 11, 2007


I see that a lot of new faces from the UK and Europe have been logging on to find any info in the case of Madeleine McCann. Like you I am actively following this case in the hopes that a miracle will occur. We all know the odds here and pedophiles do not just turn the child into the nearest Police station. That is not the way they are wired or operate.

I also see that the bottom feeders of criminology have begun to emerge. The 'PSYCHICS'.
Or as I like to call them ~ The 'Psychos'. I could have predicted this a week ago. And no, I am not psychic.

I have been following cases of missing and murdered people for years. I started this blog after deciding I would get off my ass and try to raise awareness of the many missing people and the families of those missing. My own friend was murdered in the summer of 04 and that changed my outlook on many things. So I understand the pain we are dealing with here.

I also understand that in a tragic situation like the McCann's are facing they will listen to anyone in hope someone somewhere has an answer. We are all only human and we want to believe that someone will have that magical mystery answer.

I can guarantee you that there will be nothing of relevance provided by any of these self-proclaimed 'psychics'. All that will occur is false hope and dollars or pounds for the money grubbers that chase these cases looking for fame and fortune.

Are there real psychics out there? Probably.
There are most likely things we can not explain by observation alone.

However, my own observation tells me that there will be a group of these diabolical megalomaniacs running around with all sorts of hair brained ideas about where Madeleine is located. And they can not all be correct. Valuable time and resources will be lost playing into the hands of these people.

Please read a post I made on this issue back in February. Psychics and Psychos.

The post deals with this exact situation and the case of missing Natalee Holloway.

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