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Madeleine Police Hunt Suspect
Updated: 17:18, Saturday May 12, 2007

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Police hunting for Madeleine McCann are trying to trace a man seen near her holiday apartment at the time she was snatched, Sky News can reveal. Crime correspondent Martin Brunt said he was spotted near the flat at the Praia da Luz complex around the time the four-year-old vanished nine days ago.

"We don't know how significant it is, but there are several reports of a man hanging around the apartment on the day she disappeared or perhaps the day before," he said.

"One report suggests he was sitting in a small, white van. Police have got a good description of the man: about 5ft 8in tall, between 30 and 35, not Portuguese according to one of the witnesses, wearing a blue jacket and white trousers."

Brunt said police had "eliminated" the van from their inquiries but not the man. He said police had produced an e-fit of the suspect which they had been showing to people inside the apartment block in an attempt to jog their memories.

Brunt added that police are also keen to trace an American man who lives in the village but who has not been seen for several days - and who also drives a white van.

Earlier, Madeleine's parents appealed for people to redouble their efforts to find her on the day they should have been celebrating her fourth birthday.

Gerry and Kate McCann said in a statement: "Please keep looking, please keep praying, please bring Madeleine home."


£2.5m in rewards offered for Madeleine as her tortured parents mark her birthday.
Last updated at 15:25pm on 12th May 2007

The parents of missing Madeleine McCann marked their daughter's fourth birthday today with a simple plea: "Please keep looking, please keep praying."

Their plea comes as a reward of £1.5 million was today offered by a group of business figures, celebrities and a national newspaper for information leading Madeleine's safe return.

Entrepreneurs including Sir Richard Branson and Sir Philip Green are among those who have joined together to offer the huge sum on the toddler's fourth birthday.

And they are just a few of the powerful who are pleading for Madeleine's safety: Gordon Brown today added his voice to those of footballers David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo in support of the McCanns and hopes for Madeleine's return.


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