Friday, May 11, 2007


£1m To Find Missing Madeleine
Updated: 02:43, Friday May 11, 2007

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A reward of £1m has reportedly been offered for information leading to the return of missing Madeleine McCann. Businessman Stephen Winyard, owner of a Scottish health spa called Stobo Castle, said he was "frustrated" there had been no developments in the case.

Portuguese police said on Thursday they were winding down their search for the three-year-old.

There has been no arrests, no one has been detained and much of the surrounding countryside has been searched.

It is thought Madeleine, of Rothley, Leicestershire, was abducted while she slept in her hotel room last Thursday in the Portuguese resort of Praia da Luz.

Mr Winyard, a 57-year-old father-of-three who lives in Monaco, told The Times newspaper: "When I saw their faces, I felt frustrated that no one else had yet come forward offering a substantial reward, and so felt compelled to do so myself."

The offer has been put to the McCann family in Portugal.

It is not known whether the country's laws allow the cash to be paid.

A relative of Madeleine has already offered £100,000.


There are new telephone numbers to call for people with any information:

If you are in the UK, call Crimestoppers 0800 555 111.

If you are in Portugal, call the Judicial Police +351 282 405 400 or Crimestoppers +44 1883 731 336.


Auntiem said...

Is it just me having a deja vu moment reading about this Mr. Winyard coming out and offering a large reward for this precious missing child in Portugal? Shades of J Mamamana? God forgive me if I am wrong and being so jaded!

Pictures of this child should be published "altered" ie, cut and died hair as this is usually the FIRST thing kidnappers do. I'm also sure that they/he are not toting her around in her pajamas.

After only one week, the Portuguese police are "winding down" their investigation? I hope that means Scotland Yard and Interpol are in complete charge of this case. One week and only relying on most likely a half -baked psycic is tragic.

Hopefully, this is a kidnapping case for ransom and is dealt with skillfully to a happy ending. I say this, because the Dr. seemed to be a well-known surgeon and the crime occured at a costly resort. Pray God, this child is not harmed and has not been taken, as was originally thought, by a known pedifile!

Zoltan said...

AuntieM- I also find it highly suspicious that yesterday there was a child porn ring busted across Europe.

The timing looks terrible IMO.

Please take no offense to what I am going to say next. If the European Authorities were not dealing with Madeleine's abduction I doubt they would have moved on that ring of predators.

You see they rounded up the usual suspects in the hopes of shaking something loose in Madeleine's case. They also were investigating this ring of over a year. In a sense if Madeleine had not been abducted the Authorities may have allowed countless children to be abused while 'building' their case against them. Am I making sense here?

If my gut feelings are correct, they have nothing of value to find Madeleine. They are just shaking the tree to see what falls out.
This is not how a competent investigation is preformed IMO.

And the fact that the seem to be winding it down as we have learned, is not at all reassuring.

Let's pray that this case gets concluded fast with Madeleine's safe return to her family.