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May 24th, 2007 Jennifer has been missing for 16 months………………..

We thank each and every person who has continued to care about, pray for and offer strength during this extremely difficult trying time. We thank you for visiting this website, for passing it along. Thank you to those that have put a "missing person's alert" on their homepages with a link to Jennifer's website. AWARENESS IS KEY……….

We want to share some heartfelt "Jenn stories" from some of those in Jenn's life . We hope they touch you and help you to understand that Jenn's abduction has affected not just family and friends, but co-workers, former classmates, neighbors, the volunteers, strangers who care, the law enforcement personnel, media, sorority sisters, the list goes on and on. We hope that everyone is now more safety oriented, are paying attention to the world around them and are willing to get involved.

Aunt Ticia;

The thought of writing the monthly letter has crossed my mind on several occasions. One thing that stops me is the powerful letters you write and that anything I could write may not "hold a candle" to yours. Just so you know, for me, today, May 24th marks a day-but doesn't affect the heartache of everyday without Jenn. Sending heartfelt loving support xxxooo Ticia

May 24th 2007. Sixteen months ago today the promising life of Jennifer Kesse, as well as those who know and love her, changed forever. Although, some events throughout this time are blurred, I remember distinctly where I was when the call came and often times think of January 24, 2006 as our family's own 9/11. Logging on to Jennifer's website and reading the guestbook gives us a glimpse of how far reaching and how great the impact Jenn's abduction has been on family, friends and perfect strangers, literally throughout the world. Yet the answers elude us and we are left to wonder...Where is Jenn? Why Jenn? How could this happen to Jenn?? When will Jenn be found? Who took Jenn away from us? As time goes on it is no secret holding on to hope gets harder, but For the Love of Jenn and to keep some semblance of order in our everyday lives we continue to EXPECT MIRACLES. Whether it be jubilation or sadness when our questions are answered, to some degree it will be a relief that we don't have to worry anymore. I speak for myself but know others feel the same, NOT KNOWING, waiting, wondering and the void we feel at family gatherings not having Jennifer with us is the hardest part. To all the dedicated professionals who have worked tirelessly to find Jenn, your efforts are appreciated by many. Keeping the lines of communication open and keeping Joyce and Drew informed, admirable. Although, I don't think you could have it any other way given their determination and commitment to find their beloved daughter. Straight honest open information is what I hope you will continue to give them. They deserve that. First hand I have experienced the love and respect these parents and children have for each other, and first hand I have enjoyed the love and respect they taught Jenn and Logan. Respect of self and respect of others as well. When you read these letters on a weekly basis it is signed by the Kesse's and Rob Allen. Rest assured, that the names of those of us who love and miss Jenn and support you, Joyce and Drew in your efforts are implied.

Jennifer's Aunt Ticia


Well Joyce and Drew, I now see how difficult it is for you all to write this letter every month. And I have to say its really hard to fit Jenn or my friendship with Jenn into words, it has been since day one, instant and I think its hard for people who don't know the "la la sisters" or boppsy twins to truly understand the depth of our friendship... but this is a small attempt for the world to see what Jenn means and is to me and how very much I miss and love her. Love to you both...Laur

Our moms joke all the time how my friendship with Jenn began "pre-birth". Our parents have known each other all of their adult lives and I even have a picture beside my bed of Jenn and I playing together as babies. But the truth is, I can remember the very day Jenn and I truly became best friends. We had moved to Florida in the summer of 1988 and I missed my friends and family in NJ terribly. A couple months after our move, my aunt and uncle were having their best friends (the Kesse's) down to visit from Virginia. My mom told me that they had a daughter my age and I would finally have someone to play with. I remember seeing Jenn's picture on my aunts refrigerator (with her long platinum ponytail and huge smile) thinking that she was too old for me to play with. Something about her...she just seemed to give off the presence of someone older than her age (even at 6 years old). The long and short of it is that that day they arrived for their visit and 20 years later here we are. What I found in Jenn is something so special and treasured its hard to wrap my or anyone else's head around it. From 7 years old on, Jenn has been with me through absolutely every twist and turn my life has taken. Most of the time calling Jenn my best friend doesn't even seem like the right word. Jenn is so many things in my world. She is my confidant, my therapist, my 5 hour phone conversation, my strength, my wisdom, my solace. She is my comfort and consolation, my challenge and my reality. She is my understanding and my insight; my sympathy and my compassion. She is my voice of reason. She gives me support when I am right and never hesitates to say I'm wrong. She is ALWAYS the one who gets it. She is ALWAYS the first one there. She is a voice if I need advice and she is quiet when I need an ear. She is my sounding board. She listens to what I say and she hears what I don't say. She is my favorite person to laugh with. She is my favorite person to cry with. Jenn is my other half. I can't remember a time in my life that I didn't share with Jenn. No matter where we lived or what we were doing a phone call or visit with Jenn made everything seem a little bit better. Jenn and I have been the rock in each other's lives for 20 years. We have seen each other through every up and down, good and bad, happy and miserable experience of our lives. It is hard to put into words what a friendship like this means. It is a security and a blessing some can only hope to find and I feel unbelievably fortunate to know someone so extraordinary. I recently read that when it hurts to look back and you're scared to look ahead, you can look beside you and your best friend will be there. And what I pray for with all of my heart is that through her hellish nightmare Jenn can look at our memories, and laughs and the many many stories of our lives together and ALWAYS feel me beside her. Xoxo Laur


hi joyce, drew, logan & rob...i thought i would write a few words in honor of jenn. Erin

January 24, 2006 marks the day that very important loved ones lives in my life, including my own, would be forever changed and filled with heartache. It is a day that is constantly on my mind every second of the day, as well as my family's. When I was little, I can remember how much Joyce, Drew, Jenn, and Logan were a part of my life. They had moved to Florida a little after my family did and they were very much a part of my growing up and my happy times. Jenn was like a little sister to me. There isn't a time I can remember where she wasn't at my house or my family at her house. And yes, because I was the older sister that meant me sometimes "bullying" her and my sister or teasing them as teenagers often do. Yet, Jenn always was sticking up for herself and Lauren. She was always by my sister Lauren's side, whether it was working on their babysitting club, riding their bikes, or playing dress up, like the time they were an old grandma and grandpa for Halloween. And yes, Jenn was the old man. There was never a time Jenn and Lauren weren't there for each other. They did everything together and they were more than the typical childhood best friends, they were kindred spirits. Lauren relied on Jenn for so much in her life and Jenn was always there. Jenn came to visit me in Boston for New Year's in 2004 with my sister Lauren. I lived in a tiny apartment with no furniture and all I had for Jenn and Lauren to sleep on was an air mattress that had a leak. But Jenn didn't complain. She and Lauren laughed the whole weekend and talked all hours of the night on a small, leaky air mattress. My sister had been going through a really tough time and even though Jenn could have stayed in the warm weather and spend New Year's in a million different places, she came to spend it in Boston with Lauren because she needed her. That is the type of person Jenn is....just a solid, good hearted and caring friend. She made the best of Boston even though it was below zero. I remember she was so happy because she met a guy she really liked named Rob. I was so happy for her because she was doing so well and I remember thinking how lucky Lauren was to have another sister like her. Jenn's abduction can not be put into words other than describing it as HELL. The person who abducted her not only changed her life, but all of the lives around her who love her so much. The heartache that Jenn's family and friends feel is something that many can't even imagine. The day Jenn was abducted is the day that I lost not one sister, but two. I often wonder if the person or persons who know something could see the tears we all cry and the love we have for Jenn; I think then maybe they would lead us back to the person we love so much. Jenn is a beautiful person on the inside and out. She encompasses what many wish they could be. She is rational and smart. I know that somewhere someone knows something. Everyday I pray for a miracle. When I wake up in the morning and go to bed at night, I pray for the miracle and think of Jenn's beautiful smile and how much she means to me and my family and all those who know her. We will not give up and I honor Jenn on her birthday and hope for that miracle. Love, Erin


Simply said, Jenn is someone that anyone would want to be around. It's hard to not feel good when you see someone else enjoying their time with friends and family so much; and that is how I always see Jenn. When someone mentions Jenn, it's tough not to smile. I have only known her about five years, but that seems to be the effect she has on everybody; I can only imagine how strong that feeling is among her close friends and family. Jenn, Lauren, and I share a similar off-color sense of humor and anytime we get together, we spend most of our time laughing until we can hardly breathe. It feels good to be included in a friendship that is so close and strong; Jenn and Lauren are family to each other. And I know all three of us can't wait to have those laughs again. Bob

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