Thursday, May 31, 2007


I have been sitting here biting my tongue worse than Joran
Van Der Sloot. I have been just waiting to say that this investigation is over. Today it became official. How do I know? Simple, the police are now relying on the psychics, or as I like to call them, the psychos.

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Staff and agencies
Thursday May 31, 2007
Guardian Unlimited

Police in Portugal are poring over messages from self-professed psychics and clairvoyants in an attempt to track down Madeleine McCann, who went missing exactly four weeks ago.

Two 8cm-thick files of emails and other communications are being examined in case one of them contains a message from the four-year-old's kidnapper, the detective leading the hunt, Olegario Sousa, said today.

Each clairvoyant's claim was being taken seriously in case they were from the person or people who snatched Madeleine from her parent's holiday apartment in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz on May 3, Chief Inspector Sousa said.

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"That is one of the reasons that we cannot discard anything," he said. "We must check them all in case it might be from the kidnapper.

"But the problem is the same: if there are indications which are enough to follow, then we will go. If there isn't, we cannot do anything."

Some of the descriptions of Madeleine's supposed location were as vague as descriptions of dreams about a man in a house near trees and a road, he said, adding that as yet police did not believe they had heard from the kidnapper.



As you can tell by the tone of this post I have little to no respect for these maniacal egomaniacs. They offer nothing and waste valuable resources and time. If there was any chance that they could have got the location of Madeleine correct, they would have driven there themselves and collected the reward after reuniting Madeleine with her parents. If there was any chance these outtabodywhatchamacallits could have got it correct, there would have been no need to get Scotland Yard involved. If there was any chance these mind benders could have got it correct, we could close every police station world wide and just allow the psychics to work their magic.

I have seen enough of these dubious cretins to know they do nothing but stick their finger in the air and see which way the wind blows. And to them it leads to a of stack Pounds or Euros these days.

Psychics create more VICTIMS not less. They offer false hope and when they are confronted with their monumental failures, they simply say their info was not interrupted correctly by us normal folks.

Right now Gerry and Kate McCann are in a place in life no one ever wants to be. The McCann's have nothing left. They need a glimmer of hope from somewhere, and that is what the psychics provide. Hope, but false Hope. And then heartbreak as nothing materializes.

Why didn't one of these psychics take a few minutes to warn the McCann's that terrible trouble was right around the corner?
If I was a psychic I would have made that call.

As these psychics crawl out from their lairs, they will bask in the lime light like a celebrity delivering a cure for cancer. Relishing the moments as they are finally recognized for their accomplishments. As if it was finally time that the rest of us common folk have finally seen the light and given them the glory they so desperately seek. A Red Carpet entrance.

Psychics are not a replacement for good ole fashioned police work and investigation. You only fool yourself believing the false hope.

Any police officer that would take these clairvoyants as the Gospel needs to have his head examined and needs to retire from the force so more families are not duped by these freeloading money grubbers and subject to a police officer with no common sense and future crimes due to his or hers' incompetency.

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Auntiem said...

"I am so excited for this 2nd season of Haunting Evidence to begin," Carla remarks. "There is a surprise reveal right before the special on Natalee that is not to be missed!"

Here's one for ya, Zoltan. Can you believe this wicked b***h? If I am reading this correctly, she's saying she has info. on Natalee that she is SAVING for her special? So she can get people to watch her stupid show! If she truly has info., how evil can she be to "hold out" for publicity!!!