Saturday, May 5, 2007


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Missing Madeleine's father makes plea for help :: latest

The father of missing three-year-old Madeleine McCann tonight made a fresh emotional plea for help in tracing his daughter.

Following criticism of aspects of how the case had been handled he also expressed the family’s thanks to the police for their efforts.

Appearing before a bank of cameras and a crowd of reporters Dr McCann stood arm in arm with his wife Kate who was again clutching a pink teddy bear as she was last night when the family were first seen in public following the disappearance which police are now treating as an abduction.

Moments before making his statement, Dr McCann appeared first alone before returning to the family’s temporary holiday apartment and re-emerging arm in arm with his wife.

He said: “First of all we would like to thank everyone here in Portugal, the UK and elsewhere for all your support during this extremely difficult time for our family.

“We are pleased that the family liaison officers from Leicestershire are now working closely with the Portuguese Police in keeping us informed.

“We have no further information regarding the investigation but appreciate the significant effort everyone is making on our behalf.

“We would again like to appeal for any information, however small, that may lead to the safe return of Madeleine.

“Finally we would like to thank the media for respecting our privacy especially that of Madeleine’s little brother and sister.”


Auntiem said...

I have great sympathy for this poor child and her family. It seems her father had words of criticism for the way the initial investigation was handled. Not knowing anything about that I can not comment, however, I would like to comment on the fact that these parents took their children on holiday only to leave them alone in a hotel room while they dined with friends. Does this father not feel ANY responsibility for the abduction of his child?

Why take your children on holiday and leave them alone, at night, in a foreign country (or your own country for that matter)?

Zoltan said...

I know of a few on going investigations that seem cold even though they are being investigated where a good bit of information is not revealed to even the parents, much less the public. I personally think that some in LE do not understand the new information age and how it can be a tool of help. After a certain point, memories will fade and people will die. Holding back info does not seem to be the best strategy. That is just my take, as I am not in LE.

Before we condemn the father, we will need more info. We all know how irresponsible parents can be and even letting your guard down for a moment can have the result we see here.

He seems like a caring father and will have to live with this the rest of his life questioning his own judgment.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and comment. I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Auntie said...

Sorry, I didn't mean to sound condemning, just believe that leaving children alone in a hotel room is using very poor judgement. Anything can happen, fire, children can awaken and wander off, possibly drown in a pool. It's just a very unsafe and unwise thing to do.
In this case, possibly the family was being watched by the abductor (as from what I have read investigators feel pretty certain they know who he is and that he is a known pedifile). He saw the family's pattern and knew when his window of opportunity would be. It's so tragic for this little girl, my God, she is only three years old, a baby. She will be in my thoughts and prayers, as will her parents. I can't imagine what anguish they are going through.

Zoltan said...

AuntieM- you didn't sound condescending to me. I'm sure he is questioning his judgment right now as I type.. if he has any love for his daughter, which I believe he does, he is very sorry he might have had a minor lapse in judgment.

It's a sad world we live in when you can't even enjoy a few minutes with your friends because you are worried that your kids will be stolen.

Some people still live in a world where their doors are unlocked at night and they are unaccustomed to predators in their midst.

I'm sorry that this is his wake up call. No one should have to learn a lesson this way.