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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

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MADISON, Wis. — A "substantial reward" will be given to anyone who provides information that leads to Kelly Nolan's whereabouts, the mother of the missing Wisconsin college student said Tuesday.

"We know there is one more person out there that has the right tip," Mary Jane Nolan said during a press conference. "A sizeable amount for a reward has been determined and the doors are open."

Kelly Nolan's mother is convinced that her daughter is out there and that she will be found alive.

"I'm not crying today because I really have hope and if it takes money, we have it for anyone who has that last piece of the puzzle," she said.

Mary Jane Nolan also said police have spoken with all the individuals who were with Kelly throughout the night of June 22 when she went missing

"She has plans to be a journalist," Nolan said. "She would be out there finding your daughter someday and that was her dream."

Kelly's younger sister, April, said she couldn't imagine her life without her older sister.

"I don't want to be standing here crying because that's not what she would be doing," April said.

According to the family, Kelly had signed up for a journalism class the Monday before she disappeared.

A photo of Kelly Nolan's purse and the young woman's cell-phone records are among the leads police are pursuing in their search for the missing student, her family said earlier Tuesday.

Police have released a photo of a purse similar to the one Kelly was carrying on the night she disappeared in hopes that someone will recognize it. April, told FOX News on Tuesday that the 22-year-old's cell phone also does not appear to be working.

Police are still referring to Kelly's disappearance as a missing-persons case and are reviewing her cell phone records to see with whom, if anyone, she had contact in the early hours of June 23, when she disappeared.

Kelly vanished after she separated from three close friends in Madison. Her 20-year-old sister, April, talked on the phone with Kelly early that morning. That appears to have been the last time anyone heard from Kelly, who lives in downtown Madison.

A prayer service is set to take place tonight at 7 p.m. in Waunakee, Wis., Kelly's hometown, located about 15 minutes outside of Madison. Hundreds of friends and family are expected to gather to show support and give strength to the family, according to Megan Janeway, a friend of Kelly's who has been leading an effort to find her.

"It's really a chance for the family to take a break, sit back and realize how many people are out there trying to help," Janeway told FOXNews.com.

Her family continues to hold out hope that she will be found alive.

"She loved life. She had a lot of goals and plans and there was no reason to get away from the life she had and that's way I think she's coming back," April told FOX News Channel.

Mary Jane Nolan said the family will continue to pray for the safe return of their loved one.

"Police are working hard and tips are coming in. We've been displaying posters and looking and searching for her as well as having hope that Kelly is going to come back really soon," she told FOX News.


154 adults have gone missing in Madison since 2001. 12 people have been reported missing this year, three of whom are still missing, including Kelly.

Jul 3, 3:04 PM EDT

MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- Was Kelly Nolan kidnapped? Is she lost, hurt, or worse? Or did she just walk away and not look back?

All anyone knows for sure is the 22-year-old college student has been missing for a week and a half, and Madison detectives have been unable to pick up her trail.

"Under most circumstances, I'd be less hopeful, but if you knew Kelly, she's just a really tough girl. That girl, I'm sure she's out there. I'm sure she can be found," said Nolan's co-worker, Megan Janeway.

Nolan, of Waunakee, a Madison suburb, is a senior speech major at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. She rented an apartment in downtown Madison this summer and was about to return to work with Janeway at a dinner club when she vanished.

Police spokesman Joel DeSpain said Nolan was dressed in a green sleeveless shirt and jeans when she went out with friends on June 22 in downtown Madison.

The group hit a number of bars and restaurants before Nolan became separated from them about midnight. DeSpain said he wasn't sure how or why she left the group.

Others who were downtown that night have told police they saw and spoke with Nolan after she left her friends, DeSpain said. Detectives aren't saying whether she was with someone during those encounters.

Sometime after midnight, Nolan talked to her sister, April, by phone, DeSpain said. He declined to release details of that conversation.

Nolan, who stayed in close touch with her mother and sister, didn't return to her apartment Saturday morning, stirring fears among her family that something happened to her, DeSpain said.

"She just drops off the radar by daylight Saturday," he said.

A team of detectives are still talking with Nolan's family, friends and others who saw her early that morning. Divers checked Lake Mendota around the UW-Madison student union, where college students sometimes swim. Nolan's friends posted messages on the Internet asking for help.

But so far, nothing.

Janeway said Nolan "was always up for a good time, like any other college student."

Her mother, Mary Jane Nolan, said her daughter wouldn't have gone anywhere against her will.

"She'd say no and she'd mean it," said Mary Jane Nolan, 55. "I would like to believe a strange thing happened. I pray for that clue. ... I think we're going to get that silver lining, and Kelly's walking right out of it."

Nolan's disappearance invokes memories of missing UW-Madison student Audrey Seiler. The search for her in 2004 consumed Madison police until she turned up alive in a swamp. Seiler eventually told detectives she had staged the entire abduction.


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