Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Body Is Missing University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Senior Kelly Nolan, Coroner Confirms
Wednesday, July 11, 2007

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You can click that link to get the full story. I'm just gonna give you my views. So here goes.

Last night I learned that the body found in the field was that of Kelly.

I think most of us were expecting the bad news. The news no one wants to hear. Well, at least no one with a heart.

I am very sad for Kelly, her family and the people that knew and loved Kelly. She seemed like such a terrific and caring person from the accounts I have heard.

But there is another side of me that is totally filled with rage. The Rage is directed at Kelly's killer. The person that treated Kelly like an object and not a human being. It's pathetic. And he's a total disgrace. He deserves whatever is coming his way!

I also have some rage for the people that thought it was alright to demean Kelly by publicly stating that Kelly had two DUIs. As if this was an attempt to some how degrade her overall worth as a member of society. To somehow say Kelly's mistakes made her not worthy of the attention of those of us that care about our fellow man and woman.

I could have posted Kelly's driving record. Grande or I could have had her entire driving record in under thirty seconds. But what does that do to help find Kelly? Where is the info in that driving record that will help any of us locate Kelly? There wasn't any. So what did publicly stating that info achieve? Nothing!

As we know, Kelly lost her Dad and Step-mother is a short period of time and she was a young person trying to find her way in life. Those that degrade a missing person only degrade themselves.

In the case of Paige Birgfeld, it is alleged that she is involved in a escort service. And while it is important in the fact that her abductor may have originated from that escort service, it should not be used as a reason to disregard Paige to a status of - Well, she deserves it.

These are people we are talking about and they have feelings and people love and miss them.

Let's never ever forget these are people from our neighborhoods, from our kids soccer teams, from our social groups and they need to be located and returned to the people that love them.

As a society if we allow the people who spread negative images of those missing we might as well start a criteria chart and decide who gets attention and who doesn't. I don't operate like that!

Lets' remember these are all human beings. They deserve the respect that you would bestow upon your Mother or Father.

As I have said so many times, we are all part of God's Plan. We are all part of the Family of Humanity. And I hope you get it through my repeated attempts to educate.

Kelly will be missed.

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Prayers for Kelly, her Family and the People that knew and loved Kelly.


Michelle Says So said...

Kelly went to my alma mater, UW-Whitewater. I pray for her, her family, friends and the entire campus. This is a terrible tragedy. I never thought I'd see UW-Whitewater Wisconsin in the headlines.

Zoltan said...

Michelle- It's always a total pleasure to hear from you and I am so sorry about Kelly. And I'm sorry that you have a connection through School to someone tragically murdered.

Michelle- Know how much I love you and how much respect I have for you and all you have done for Beth and Natalee.

I am proud to be your friend. Which reminds me to link your other blog ~ Michelle Says So.

We have been together fighting the good fight for two years now and together we have made a huge difference. We we're there through the whole Joe Mamamana thing and everything else.

And always know - I'm thinking of you. You're ONE OF A KIND and I think the world of you.

Anonymous said...

You both are incredible people!!
As always, great commentary Rob!!
I too get so po'd when the msm bring up information about the VICTIM!! that has nothing to do with the tragedy at hand. No one deserves what these women experienced in their final hours. I hope and pray, Paige is found and alive and well. first and foremost she is a MOTHER, and regardless of her occupation, her children deserve to have their mother home, and she deserves to be home with her children!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rob great commentary as always.

As you know, I felt compelled to do what I can to help these 3 children find their mother.

I have reviewed most if not all of the online presences associated with Paige. As a result, I have gained a tremendous amount of respect for her.

You know what they say Rob... Never judge a woman until you have walked a mile in her heels...

Take care friend... Talk to you soon.

Zoltan said...


Thanks for all you do. You're like the Internet Fire Department. When the siren blows you slide down that pole and the mission is ON!

It's people like you that I have so much respect for and makes me continue on.

Your support for VICTIMS is recognized.

Michelle Says So said...

You are so sweet. Thank you for the wonderful things you said. You know I feel the same! :)