Sunday, July 22, 2007


Nothing pisses me off like attacking a VICTIM. And when that VICTIM is Natalee Holloway I GET REAL PISSED OFF.

The Aruban Authorities and the ALE launched an attack on Natalee and her family all over again. As you saw with the videos provided by Carpe Noctem, Dave Holloway is defending his daughter all over again. Well Dave is not alone and will NEVER be alone. Not one Aruban to say these accusations are false. NOT ONE! This is exactly what I expect from the soul-less. Aruba you are ALONE! You sink in a sea of brine.

As I have said so many times, Aruba is a CABAL. A CRIMINAL ELEMENT. A LAND OF EUNUCHS. A BAND OF BROTHERS WRAPPED IN THE CRIMES OF THEIR FATHERS AND SONS. Their words mean SHIT to me and everyone else who knows who committed the crimes against Natalee Holloway.

Not one shred of evidence Natalee did cocaine on her ill fated trip to Satan's Island. ZERO!!! Yet the Aruban Oligarchy rolls with these rumors as if they are facts. The same Aruban Authorities that hide behind the lead walls of the Dutch Legal System. The Aruban Prosecutor's office hides statements and declarations. The Polis tear up statements and declarations they don't see fit for American consumption. Hypocrites and brain dead hardly describe the Arubans and the DUTCH. Justice according to them is only for the Dutch. Forget it if your skin is one shade past Beverly Hills tan.

All so Joran Van Der Sloot can continue his education. Maybe someone, namely his parents, should have taken a higher interest in his education when he was smashing car windows, stealing money, drugging other girls, doing it 20 other times, gambling under age in casinos with his father, drinking a case of beer to get drunk, sleeping with a 13 year old, killing his dog and killing his friend's dog and blaming him for it. All before the age of 18. Someone clue me into what this scholar is actually studying? Most likely LAW so he can be a failure like his father.

No one gives a crap about the Kalpoe Brothers. Not one person cares one iota about them. And if they were not eternally linked to Joran Van Der Sloot this case would already be over. We all know the Sloots tried to pin it ALL on them with their diabolical clique. What about Doctor Satish? Doesn't his education matter to anyone? After six years of 12th grade, he will graduate at some point and who will pay for his medical school? And what about Internet Wizard Deepak? He was gonna write the code for the new internet. Certainly these two scholars need to be re-integrated. Their worldly contributions will certainly be missed as they are relegated to the ash heap that is created wherever Joran Van Der Sloot roams.

Character assassination only works when one has character. Joran Van Der Sloot has no character. Protecting this animal and his family takes more energy than Con-Edison produces in a year.

We all know Natalee's record. One Joran Van Der Sloot could never ever match and that's exactly why he needs a PR Machine with the likes of a high priced New York Attorney named Joseph Tacopina, a slime ball former Court TV founder named Steve Cohen, and bunch of in the shadows schlock artists from Los Angeles. Let's not forget the two Glory Hole workers with a foundation based on Leibensborn either.

They'll all take the money, but no one wants to touch this disease. No one wants to breathe the air filled with bubonic plague. Flea bites rat, rat enters home, you know the rest.

In order to allow their scheme proceed, you need simple minded folks who will believe anything. And in this case it takes you beyond the believable.

Good Luck selling this one. No one buys it Aruba. You look even more desperate. Your days are numbered as the American Authorities close in. The same FBI, CIA and DEA you tried to shut out. Justice American Style is painful for the guilty. It eats it's way up the tree like a buzz saw and won't stop until it reaches it's intended target. The target is the conductor of this scheme. Chavez is so close and you hide under his udder.

Such the conundrum. Close the case and extradition comes your way. Keep it open and destroy tourism. I love your self-created problem. I love watching you squirm. I love watching you implode. I love watching karma work it's magic on you and your cabal.

Your threats scare no one. Your days as a haven for all things evil are coming to an end.

We got a whole new bag of magic for you. We'll help you destroy whats left of your brand.

Watch and LEARN!


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Anonymous said...

Great Post and a big AMEN!!
Had me cracking up when you mentioned DR. Satish and 6 years in 12th grade!! lol