Thursday, July 12, 2007


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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Those of you who do not know Grande need an introduction to TECHNOCRIMINOLOGY.

Grande's KUNG FU is the WEB's most powerful! Grande is Number One Son! and he has allot of info on this case.

Grande has has been crunching this case since day one and has been in contact with LE.

Let's see what Grande does next!!!



Grande said...

Wow I'm flattered Rob... Let's hope all this work we do will result in someone having peace of mind. Let's hope with any luck those traffic cameras will hold some clues. Paige's vehicle was found just West of the I-70 & 25th traffic camera days later and in flames. Either the perp walked away or he had an accomplice...

Grande said...

Previous comment edited to add (last sentence);

The perp who attempted to conceal evidence by torching Paige's vehicle either walked away after setting the vehicle on fire, which seems highly unlikely, OR the perp had an accomplice!

Any theories out there?

Thursday night June 27th(?) Paige returns from a short trip to Eagle Colorado. The purpose of the trip is insignificant. Shortly after returning at appx. 10:00 pm Paige recieves a phone call and promptly or so it seems, she leaves. Children are left with the live in care provider. From this point on the details are unknown.

Law enforcement seems to be leaning toward foul play related to her trade, that of an exotic dancer.

Not having much to go on leaves the door open for speculation. Initially it seemed her 2nd ex husband 'fit the profile' based on many accounts. Now it seems that may not at all be the case.

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

I pray she is alive and will be returned to her children.
Great job Grande and Rob.