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While searching for information in the cases of those missing on Aruba, I come across all kinds of information. Some real and some totally FABRICATED.

Recently I came across a piece of info that I had somehow forgotten about. got itself involved in the purposeful spreading of dis-information.

A 14-year-old boy was "lost at sea" in Aruba a year ago. No body was recovered. now reports that there was a siting of the boy in Brazil.


" The hotel employee has again confirmed to the Amigoe today that the police had informed the hotel that Max de Vries is probably alive. The boy is supposedly in Brazil. The American Insurance Company had asked the Aruban police for more information. "

Apparently that link no longer works, but I remembered the story as if it was yesterday. The Story originally ran in the online version of and was used as a piece of propaganda to reach the intended audience in America.

Several questions immediately leap to mind.

1. Why is using Hotel Workers as investigative sources? Are they not part of the AHATA? Hardly seems like a reliable source for a missing person.

2. This story ran on or about 7-14-2005. Why did Aruban Authorities feel it was important to distance themselves from the Max DeVries incident? Questions were now being asked about others missing on Aruba and the response from the Aruban Authorities was hardly reassuring. This could spiral out of control fast. They decided to begin to blame the VICTIMS for their own MISFORTUNE, otherwise known as CRIMINAL ACTS.

3. In an effort to make it appear that the story is REAL, the story implies that the Aruban Law Enforcement are actively pursuing information requested by an American Insurance Company. Why? This one is easy to answer. They shift the blame to someone other than themselves.

4. Who initiated this piece of PROGAGANDA? Prime Minister Nelson Oduber. He controls all communications on Aruba. When you control all communications, the BUCK STOPS THERE. He has no choice but to hold the ultimate responsibility even if others acted without his knowledge.

5. What was the story's ultimate purpose? The purpose is easily identified. It is again to make it appear as if Aruba did all it could to get a conclusion to Max's case even though they did nothing and in fact obfuscated the ISSUES.

6. According to the Aruban Authorities, Max was 'lost' in a tragic accident. Why the need to add this malicious act? Only on Aruba could someone come up with this 'extra' bit of pain already heaped on a grieving Family. Truly Heartless.

Apparently this piece got the attention of everyone on the NET, and got people talking about things other than Natalee Holloway.

SCUBAJAP Helps Out -

Re: the Max De Vries story-
This broke just around the time the brothers were released from jail, and had people thinking along different lines.
Max de Vries was not alone when he went out on a jet ski, he was with a family friend David Stacy, 56. Max's father had died 14 months before, and it could have been Mom's boyfriend, but I think that was kind of quick, so I don't know.
David Stacy reported that Max's jet ski stalled, and when he went to help Max, his stalled too.
David then claimed the jet ski's capsized and the two hung on. Max eventually tired, fell away and drifted off. Search and Rescue found David Stacy hanging on to the Jet skis I don't know how many hours later. Max could not be found.
Now supposedly, but this is rumor as far as I have been able to see, I haven't found anything to confirm it on the net anywhere,
David was arrested in the states on suspicion of murder because there was a very big life insurance policy on Max. Then it turns out that they brought the boy out of hiding in Brazil because it was all an insurance scam.
I was told by someone that they saw it being reported on CNN, I have not been able to find any reference to it anywhere, but maybe some of you have more time and experience with that.
This got a few people here thinking, but the police tell me there are no big insurance policies on Natalee.

Posted by: scubajap | Tuesday, August 09, 2005 at 06:32 PM

Scubajap lies and confuses the real issue, searching for the TRUTH in the cases of those that became CRIME VICTIMS on Aruba.

In Aruba Lends A Hand -

Paying it forward: The mother of Max is an Angel that God has given very dificult trials. She lost her husband, then 6 months later her son. Max de Vries broke the heart of Aruba and HE WAS the largest and most extensive and expensive search Aruba had ever done! WE started looking for Max within 45 minutes of his disapearance. The Aruba Search and Rescue Team together with a helicopter searched ALL NIGHT long, risking thier lives at night in the rough sea. The Royal Dutch Marines joined in, their Helecopter, and a Helicopter from Curacao came in to search. He rented a wave runner with a man his mother met at the pool at La Cabana. Aruba did every possible to find Max, but the currents swept him away. The man who sign responsibility for Max on the waverunner swam to shore in a different direction of Max. NEITHER fell off, they decided to swim in even after receiving instructions to NEVER LEAVE YOUR VESSLE - he signed the waver. His waverunner was found within 1/2 hour. You cannot blame Aruba! Aruba will always remember Max!

Posted by: In Aruba | Monday, August 01, 2005 at 07:26 PM

Michigan Mom gets it right and is not confused about what Aruba is REALLY all about.

This young man was lost in Aruba in the spring of 2004. The mother still has no clear answer as to what happened to Max. No death certificate, no police report, and no help from the US or Aruban government. He went out on a jet ski with someone from the hotel that they were at, and never came back. Lost at sea.

Another lost person in Aruba. :-(
Michigan Mom

Posted by: michigan mom | Monday, August 01, 2005 at 06:46 PM

Aruba goes to the furthest reaches of lying to screw Families and VICTIMS. The Aruban Authorities spread the teachings of Joseph Goebbell's in a horrible attempt to hang on to the American Dollars all the while slandering the VICTIMS and their Family Members. Truly shameful.

With 'newspapers' like, and Aruba Today to do the DIRTY work of those in POWER it is easy to understand how and why the population of Aruba does not hold anyone accountable for the terrible set of circumstances they find themselves in currently. Only the Diario is not afraid to tell the TRUTH.

Please notice in this post that 'In Aruba' states that the Search and Rescue Team got involved. I posted the name of the person that was involved with the Search and Rescue Team in a previous post. His name is Adolph Cruz, phone number - 297.962.1380

Also please take note of the many similarities in both cases as described by 'In Aruba'.

1. Dutch Marines.

2. Helicopter.

3. Helicopter from Curacao. I believe this would be the black helicopter with the imaging device attached to the front used in Natalee's case.

The similarities are the same and so are the results.

Remember the definition of 'insanity' is doing the same things again and again and expecting a different result. Unless, of course, the same result is the INTENTION.

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