Saturday, April 7, 2007


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חג המצות פסח

Happy Easter and Passover to all of my Friends and all of the people we try to help.

Thank you to everyone that has tried so hard to 'Make A Difference'.

At this time of year I am often reminded more than any other time except probably Christmas and Hanukkah, just how painful it is for the Families of those missing their Loved Ones. It's hard to have a holiday when someone you love so much is unaccounted for.

This is a pain most of us will never ever experience. And Thank God. But for those of us that care, we should spread the message and help those that need the HELP and need to know there are some people out here that do care. It is a Labor of Love. We only do it because we feel it does help.

To those that have Made a Difference, Red, Tom and Klaasend, keep fighting the good fight. You started something good and we all give you guys the credit for getting the ball rolling. It just took two people to have a vision that they shared with others. Happy Holidays to you and your Families.

To my favorite bloggers and posters - Angie, Carpe Noctem, San, Robots, Bonnie, Richard, Patti, Hammer, Widget, Grande, Walkman, Spock, Nonesuche, Anna, anidac, Mike, Jackie, Janet, J4N, Cindy, Kermit, sb, Chicago_510, Dennis, mayan_moon, Miss U, Dennis, Faith, Blonde, Frank, Meri, and Michelle. It has been my pleasure to get to know some of you and to see how much you all care. I wish you all the Happiness in the World and many more good years. Happy Holidays to you and your Families also.

To The Kesse's, The Holloway's, The Twitty's, Ms DeVries and Dominique, The Bradleys, Ms. Aydell, Mother of Kaitlin Aydell, Nevin Mulvin Sr. and Nancie Nieradko, Father and Mother of my Friend Chad Mulvin who was murdered in the Summer of 04. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless You All.

To The Family of Jamie Skeeters, We All Miss Jamie Sooooo Much! He is not forgotten!

Also, Happy Holidays to my Friends at World Journier Natalee Holloway Time Line who have spent the last 22 months cataloging all of the information gathered in Natalee's case. Keep up the Great Work Guys!

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Anonymous said...

Nice work on the new site, Zoltan. I'm glad to see you are still fighting for victims rights.