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The Family of Natalee Holloway, their Supporters, the Aruban Authorities, the Suspects, the Families of the Suspects, the Security Guards and their Families and the remaining Internet Trolls.

One of the biggest injustices of the entire Aruban Investigation into the CRIMES AGAINST NATALEE HOLLOWAY has been the FALSE ARREST of the Security Guards.

June 5th: Two security guards arrested in pre-dawn raid.

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We will get an early look at who will be released or not from suspect status. Joran Van Der Sloot and the Kalpoe Brothers were arrested at about 5:30 pm on 6-9-2005. Between 8-9 PM one of the suspects admitted that 'something bad happened' and would lead the authorities to the location of the body in the morning. Only Joran Van Der Sloot led anyone anywhere on 6-10-2005. We should know by 6-5-2007 if the Security Guards have finally been freed from this two year nightmare.

As you will recall, Mickey John: age 30, Security guard arrested after being fingered by Kalpoe brothers and later released.

Abraham Jones: 28 year old security guard arrested with Mickey John and later released.

All that based on the LIE of one of the actual suspects. Deepak Kalpoe.

Karin Jansen knew this was all a lie and still went in like a Cowboy. She knew as early as 6-2-2005 that the REAL suspects were Joran and Paulus Van Der Sloot and Deepak and Satish Kalpoe.

Few leads

Police and volunteer land searches continued Wednesday with no results, while water searches, also unsuccessful, had been suspended “at this time,” police spokesman Edwin Comenencia said. “We’re getting tips,” he said, adding nothing has panned out yet.

The two men were arrested Sunday on suspicion of first- and second-degree murder and capital kidnapping, the latter of which is invoked when a kidnapping victim is killed, according to court-appointed defense attorneys Noraina Pietersz and Chris Lejuez.

Judge J.S. Kuiperdal will review the case June 15 and every eight days after that if needed, officials said. Authorities may hold the suspects for 116 days without filing formal charges.

The former security guards worked for a hotel two blocks from the Holiday Inn where Holloway stayed. Their work contracts had expired May 29.

What I find interesting is that Geoffrey Van Cromvoirt was detained on similar charges and there was a item tied to him. A bloody company uniform shirt with the letters VCB was found. How did they know it was Geoffrey Van Cromvoirt's? And why was he released after only 8 days? Seems like there was more than enough evidence to hold him LONGER.

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One of the larger contentions of the supporters of Natalee and her Family has been the release from SUSPECT STATUS of Paulus Van Der Sloot before the TWO YEAR limit.

As we have all learned, under Dutch Law, once a person is charged / detained in a criminal case they remain a suspect for TWO YEARS, even if no formal charges are filed. The Prosecutor has two years to file formal charges.

Mickey John and Abraham Jones had nothing to do with the CRIMES AGAINST NATALEE HOLLOWAY, yet they are still suspects and Paulus Van Der Sloot is NOT. (Another WTF Moment!) Mr. Van Der Sloot was released from suspect status by Prosecutor Karin Jansen, whom Mr. Van Der Sloot admitted was a close associate, co-worker and friend, all the while knowing that Paulus Van Der Sloot 'had two contacts' with Natalee Holloway on the night she disappeared. Karin Jansen knew these facts, yet broke the LAW and released Mr. Van Der Sloot. Ms. Jansen also broke the LAW by demanding a DNA samples from the suspects without a COURT ORDER, all the while knowing that by doing so she would not get another chance or a court order. That stopped any further DNA from being collected.

Most everyone believes that IS Paulus Van Der Sloot on the Excelsior Casino video. Steve Cohen said he would get back to us with the information as to whether that was Paulus Van Der Sloot and he never did.
That would be 'contact' number one.

Paulus Van Der Sloot was WIRETAPPED and his own words confirm he picked up Joran and NATALEE at the Palm Beach McDonald's at 4 AM. That would be 'contact' number two.

Jug Twitty and a host of others (10 or 11 people) heard Paulus Van Der Sloot say on the night they arrived on Aruba that Paulus Van Der Sloot picked up Joran at 4 AM.

It's impossible to image a LEGAL SYSTEM that grants a Prosecutor this much latitude.

The Dutch Legal System has been in it's current operating standard for about 500 years. These LAWS have already been argued and settled.

In concluding the Natalee Holloway Investigation several things will have to happen for the CORRECT conclusion to be reached.

1. Paulus and Joran Van Der Sloot and Deeapk and Satish Kalpoe will have to be charged with the premeditated murder, rape, disappearance and abuse of a corpse of Natalee Holloway. Then they need to be tried and convicted.

2. Mickey John and Abraham Jones will need to be fully indemnified. And those that played a role in their unjust detainment will have to accept responsibility and the proper punishment meted out.

3. Karin Jansen will have to be charged with corruption and collision for her role in the apparent malfeasance.

4. Judge Smit will have to be charged for his role in the corruption, collusion and malfeasance.

5. Those that played a role in the purposeful destruction of evidence and tampering with the case's outcome will have to be charged with those accessory crimes. i.e. Edwin Comemencia, Gerold Dompig, Jan Van Der Straaten, Dolph Richardson, Trudy Hassel, Ronnie Bernadina, Jules Sambo, Coizy Kronendijk, Ben Voc \ King, Judge J. S. Kuiperdal, Judge Bob de \ Wit, Rudy Croes and Nelson Oduber. Without charges against the people I just named there will be a repeat of what occurred in Natalee Holloway's case.

I believe it will be nearly impossible for the Dutch to own up to the apparent crimes here. For them to do so would be admitting their SYSTEM is flawed from the top to the bottom and would allow appeals Kingdom-wide in cases with similar occurrences.

The Dutch have more to lose than the Arubans, who only have tourism and that's already gone.

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