Tuesday, April 17, 2007


As I have said in the past, this Blogspot is for one thing only, the VICTIMS, their Families, and trying to uncover the suspicious circumstances that claimed their Lives. Those you that know me through the Blogs and Forums know that I am not a writer. I only do this to raise awareness of the Crimes that should have been solved and the corruption that prevents their Justice. I also write about the weakest among us that need a voice to speak on their behalf and to ensure they are not forgotten.

We live in a rough and tumble world and predators seek out those that are easy prey.

We all know someone that has been a VICTIM of Crime and it's heartbreaking to see what happens to the remaining Family Members. It tears apart the Family and leaves a giant void.

Please join me here tomorrow as I Memorialize someone who is terribly missed by his Family not forgotten by Me.

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