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And for that matter, is the case of Max DeVries still open?

Ms. DeVries has not received any of the final paper work from Aruba as I reported in an earlier post. As we all know, the Aruban Authorities have claimed repeatedly that once the two years statue expires, all documentation, declarations, and summary evidence is released to the Family and their Attorneys.

As we all know, the Aruban Authorities never lie and always tell the truth in regard to the laws of Aruba, how they are structured and how they are applied.

If the final paper work has not been received by Ms. DeVries, one could conclude that Max's case is still open even though no one has investigated the case in almost three years. Or was it closed before she and her daughter left Aruba and the Aruban Authorities never did the 'RIGHT THING' and left her to languish? Looks like another instance of TALKING OUT OF BOTH SIDES OF YOUR MOUTH. You draw your own conclusions.

During the filming of the Opsporing Verzocht re-enactment in the
Natalee Holloway case I noticed several oddities that give you the impression that the case is closed.

1. As Bloggers and Posters have noticed and commented on, why is the person portrayed as Joran Van Der Sloot not a Caucasian? The person portraying Joran Van Der Sloot appears to be of Arawak decent. This alone raises so many Red Flags that it's impossible to imagine it was done by mistake. Who made the decision to allow this to happen?
If the objective was to get TIPS in the case, why wasn't someone that closely resembled Joran Van Der Sloot used for this Oscar quality role?

2. In the Dutch Judicial System there are no JURIES, only Judges. Why did the program Opsporing Verzocht taint the population of Aruba and Holland's overall perception of the character of Natalee Holloway? In the video, it is clear for all to see that the producers of this program attempted to portray Natalee Holloway as a person of less than upstanding moral character. The program implies that Natalee is flirty in the Carlos and Charlie's scene even though there are no declarations to justify that account. WHY? I conclude it was to make anyone with information in the case to determine that 'she deserved it' and they might decide not to report what they knew.

3. The Program's title is translated to 'ARREST REQUESTED', so you would naturally think that is the goal. How can you get information in a case when the information you are requesting is not based on accurate interpretation of the events?

4. Of all the tips received by Opsporing Verzocht, how many panned out and helped this case? We will probably never know the answer to that one.

5. What is the REAL intention of this type of programming when the overall format was skewed from the beginning? One could logically conclude that the purpose was to steer the investigation AWAY from Joran and Paulus Van Der Sloot based on the way the show was conducted, and the fact the Aruban Authorities confiscated the vehicle of Deepak Kalpoe for the filming of the program.

6. I have heard from the Dutch that the program is similar to America's Most Wanted and has produced arrests and convictions. How did they get it so wrong in this instance? It can only be because it was scripted that way by people in both Holland and Aruba. The BIG difference in the two programs is John Walsh would never allow Nationalism to screw over a CRIME VICTIM. When that happens, it's just more PROPAGANDA.

Justice Ministry Department Head Rudy Croes requested Holland's involvement in the case of Natalee Holloway to deflect the blame in another direction. When there are no criminal charges filed, those on Aruba will claim that they passed the case on to Holland and they made the final determination. There will be claims that we can not blame Aruba as they did the right thing by asking for assistance. This is total HOGWASH. They know it and we know it.

How can Holland make a TRUE FINAL determination in the case when the ALE altered Beth Twitty's statement? How can Holland truthfully come to the correct conclusion when Joran Van Der Sloot's initial declaration as a SUSPECT and not as a WITNESS was torn to pieces and thrown in the garbage by Dennis Jacobs as witnessed by Beth Twitty?

How can Holland get it RIGHT when one of their own appointed Judges blocked access to the Van Der Sloot main residence during the search on 6-15-2005 by stating that he was a 'guest' of Paulus and Anita Van Der Sloot at the residence and it would be an imposition?

I discuss this case with many people. I have one friend that is convinced that Holland will do the 'RIGHT THING' and at the last minute arrest the main suspects in Natalee's case. He has much more faith in the Dutch than I. He believes that Holland will slam this case on the main suspects based on the WIRETAPS. If he is correct, it should be a slam dunk. The words of the main suspects in the case and not under duress would go along way to assure a speedy conviction. Again, he is much more optimistic than I.

Is Natalee's case closed? You decide.

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