Saturday, April 28, 2007


Reputation is everything. Reputation in the Tourism Industry = DOLLARS.
The only thing that Aruba is afraid of is the BOYCOTT. This has been apparent by the repeated threats to the Holloway and Twitty Families as they are caught in a very uncomfortable position.

First, they are trying to get a conclusion to what happened to Natalee Holloway, their Daughter.

Second, they are trying to accomplish this without damaging the population of Aruba.

This is one of the most daring balancing acts since the Flying Wallendas.

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No one wants anyone to suffer in this case. There has been enough suffering already. But Aruba has caused it's own problems and escalated those problems at every turn. Anyone who has followed The Natalee Holloway case since day one knows the modus operandi of the Aruban Authorities.

Aruba has one last shot to get it right and finally conclude the Natalee Holloway case. The KLPD has arrived from Holland and they are apparently trying to get the correct conclusion to this case (time will tell). If this case is finally concluded with the arrests and convictions of the last persons to be seen with Natalee Holloway, it will not be because Aruba did anything to get it right. It will only be because the Dutch have finally had enough of what Aruba has done to the reputation of the Kingdom.

The Dutch still take that reputation seriously. The Dutch still strive to be a World Leader and wish to garner the respect that Leadership brings. In Holland nationalism is very high and the Dutch are proud people. And rightfully so. They have many terrific accomplishments on the books. Their technology is very impressive.

Aruba, on the other hand, is just a small tourism depot. It can never be anything more than a sunny spot to simply get away. The Aruban Authorities seem to think they are some sort of Global Superpower. Where that delusion first began is anyone's guess. Their marijuana plantations and aloe factories are NOT very impressive.

The Bottom Line

Should the KLPD and the Aruban Authorities simply close the case, they close the doors on Aruba. Aruba will forever be linked to CORRUPTION and INJUSTICE. Not a pretty combination when trying lure tourists to your island. That will be the picture ingrained in so many minds forever.

The corruption has been proven over and over again. The players in the corruption have been exposed over and over again. The malfeasance and blatant cover-up have been proven over and over again. That will be the long lasting reputation of Aruba if they simply try to sweep the Natalee Holloway case under the rug.

It will be impossible to resurrect that former reputation of Aruba in the new technology era. Aruba and all their bad deeds are just one click away.

It will not matter how many people the ATA and AHATA hire to spread the word. The long lasting reputation will be one that no one with even a small amount of decency will want to associate. That will eventually start the downward spiral of poverty and the thing the Aruban Authorities fear the most. Their loss of POWER and ushering in a new era that will finally right the WRONGS that they themselves committed.

All Eyes Are Watching.
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