Friday, April 6, 2007


This morning I awoke to find out that Prime Minister Nelson Oduber and his 'militia' (otherwise known as the MEP Party) have called for a boycott against the only Newspaper on Aruba that TELLS THE TRUTH - the Diario.

In a post titled 'Eunuch Island' on 2-22-2007 I said - Tourism is way way down, and is not coming back any time soon, if ever. So the Aruban Authorities have come up with an ingenious plan to use hypnosis so the locals believe all is well. What's next? burning down the Diario and shutting off the internet? I would not put that past Mr. Nelson Oduber, after all he controls all communications on Eunuch Island.

And low and behold, Voilà!

No, I am not a psychic. This was just easy to see on the horizon.

When I see what has occurred here, I am often reminded of the Arubans that fill the message boards with cries of 'Aruba is a stable Democracy'. Well, it may be a Democracy in it's smallest form, but there is nothing Democratic about shutting the FREE-SPEECH of a Newspaper down. (For the record and for those of you that are unaware, the United States is not a Democracy. It is a Representative Republic).

It's also interesting that last year the Diario ran a news story about Child Porn on Aruba and never finished the story as I commented on earlier. I have to wonder if there were threats to the Diario when they were going to make the names known. If this did not get those in power in an uproar. Why all of a sudden?

There was no public outcry when the Diario said they would name who was involved in this scandal. A silent majority can be translated into only one thing. Acceptance.

It is true, under Aruban Law, Nelson Oduber controls all communications. But when a Governmental Leader uses repeated threats one can only imagine how long it will be until Oduber implements his true plans for Aruba. Degradation of Society's Norms are the first steps to Socialism. Break it down and and propose a 'NEW WAY FORWARD'.

I would expect the Internet to be shut off on Aruba at any moment, except how would the MEP get the marching orders to their ATA Hooligans in the States that are trying to round up more innocent Tourists for their brand of 'Fun and Sun'?

Well, the Boycott of the Diario by the MEP is in full swing and the Government has asked no one speak to any reporters from the Diario. A Government that would go to these lengths is DANGEROUS. VERY DANGEROUS.

I will be waiting with baited breath to hear Mr. Jossy Mansur's response. But hey, won't we all.

Where there's smoke, there's a dump fire.

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