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Please take a second to read this letter and sign the online petition, before the Mexican Judicial System does something else stupid.

I have written about this case previously and see it as it IS. A TOTAL Miscarriage of JUSTICE!

Letter to the Mexican Government from Members of the United States House of Representatives
Presidente de la Republica
Lic. Felipe de Jesús Calderón Hinojosa.

Presidente de la Mesa Directiva de la Cámara de Senadores
Lic. Manlio Fabio Beltrones Rivera.

Presidente de la Mesa Directiva de la Cámara de Diputados
Lic. Jorge Sermeño Infante.

Presidente Consejero De la Suprema Corte de Justicia de la Nación.
Mag. Guillermo I. Ortiz Mayagoitia.

Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores de México
Patricia Espinosa Castellano
Magistrados del Primer Tribunal Colegiado del Tercer Circuito en materia Penal, en estado de Jalisco.
Mag. Presidente: Rosalía Isabel Moreno Ruiz de Rivas
Mag. Lucio Lira Martínez
Mag. José Félix Davalos Davalos

Segundo Tribunal Colegiado en Materia Penal del Tercer Circuito en Materia Penal, en el Estado de Jalisco.
Mag. Presidente: Jorge Humberto Benítez Pimienta.
Mag. Silvia Irina Yayoe .
Mag. Hugo Ricardo Ramos Carreon.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

We, the undersigned Members of the Senate and House of Representatives for the United States of America respectfully call upon you to consider the following request on behalf of United States citizens Duane "Dog" Chapman, Leland Chapman and Tim Chapman.

WHEREAS, justice is a determinant of the sovereign political systems of all nations, and international disputes arise when two jurisdictions conflict or fail to agree upon the best course of action; and

WHEREAS, a present legal proceeding exists between the United States and Mexico surrounding the action of the three Chapmans, who in June of 2003, participated in the apprehension of a convicted American rapist, Andrew Luster, in Mexico (with the supervision of a person the Chapmans reasonably believed was a Mexican police officer), and who then were detained in Mexico while proceeding to a Mexican police station to deliver Luster to the proper authorities; and

WHEREAS, Luster was a convicted felon who had fled as an escapee from the California Department of Corrections six months earlier by jumping $1 million bail on charges that he drugged and raped three women; he was also on the FBI's "Most Wanted" list, convicted and sentenced to a term of 124 years of imprisonment in absentia for 86 counts of rape, drug and weapons offenses; and
WHEREAS, Luster's disappearance commenced an international manhunt by police, FBI and bounty hunters; and

WHEREAS, Mexico has requested extradition of the three Chapmans charging them with the minor crime of "deprivation of liberty" for participating in the location and apprehension of the fugitive rapist; and

WHEREAS, the Chapmans were arrested in their Hawaii homes in September, 2006 by U.S. Marshals and were freed on bail, and have been pending extradition to Mexico, where if convicted, they could be required to spend from six months to four years in a Mexican jail; and

WHEREAS, Luster is now serving a 124-year sentence in California; and

WHEREAS, the Chapmans have never been compensated for Luster's apprehension; and

WHEREAS, the Chapmans believed they could locate and participate in the apprehension of Luster based on the fact that Luster had entered Mexico under a false name, and because of the presence and assistance of a person the Chapmans reasonably believed was a Mexican police officer; and,

WHEREAS, the Chapmans never had any intent to violate either Mexican law or challenge its sovereignty; and

WHEREAS, the Chapmans have offered to apologize to the Mexican government for any perceived breach of sovereignty; now, therefore:

WE RESPECTFULLY REQUEST that the above-named officials of the Mexican Government and Judiciary dismiss the pending charges against the Chapmans and withdraw the request for their extradition, and allow this international dispute to be amicably resolved by virtue of the justice that has been served in the United States and in Mexico against rapist Andrew Luster by the good faith actions of United States citizens Duane "Dog" Chapman, Leland Chapman and Tim Chapman.
Respectfully Yours,

(Members of Congress Listed)

Cc: President George W. Bush
Madame. Secretary Condoleeza Rice

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