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Ed Smith is the person that filmed the Aru-bay Videos that have become part of the Natalee Holloway case.

Some people believe that these videos are very important and others see no correlation to the case. It is still an unsettled area of the case.

Ed Smith also used the name Tony Smith when posting on Web-Sites before Natalee Holloway became a CRIME VICTIM ON ARUBA. I located him on a site that rates the musical talent of bands and he would comment as to what he liked about the playing style. He also claims to be part of a group called the Digital Dub Deciphiles.
So who is he really?

From the Aru-Bay website: contact US at or call 001 297 5834816 in ARUBA and COME post YOUR PICTURES, MUSIC,and/or VIDEO'S from ANYWHERE in THE World,...

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The above address is linked to the Aru-Bay site. Yolande Roos is the owner of that phone number.

Yolande Roos is also married to Ed Roos.

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Edwin Roos is the President of the Aruba Chamber of Commerce.

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Mr. Olindo Koolman (Senior Advisor)
Mr. Jaap Beaujon (Advisor)
Mr. Serge Mansur (ATIA)
Mr. Greg Peterson (ATIA)
Mr. Jorge Pesquera (AHATA)
Mr. Jeff Lesker (AHATA)
Mr. Alfonso Riveroll (AHATA)
Ms. Myrna Jansen (ATA)
Mr. Rob Smith (Aruba Hospitality & Security Foundation)
Mr. Bill Carson (Banking Sector/AHATA)
Mr. Edwin Roos (Chamber of Commerce)
Mr. Ruben Trappenberg (Aruba Government)
Mr. Eric Brete (Aruba Government)

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Members of the Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association, the Aruba Tourism Authority, the Aruba Hospitality and Security Foundation, the Aruban Chamber of Commerce and government figures, including Public Relations Representative Ruben Trappenberg, formed an "Aruba Strategic Communications Task Force" to respond collectively to what they perceived to be unfounded and/or negative portrayals of the island. The group issued press releases and sent representatives to appear in news media. They joined the Aruban government in opposing the calls for a boycott of the island.

Strategic Communications Task Force Statement Meeting between Mrs. Beth Twitty and Strategic Communications Task Force Strategic Communications Task Force Members: Mrs. Myrna Jansen of the Aruba Tourism Authority; Mr. Jorge Pesquera of AHATA; Mr. Greg Peterson representing ATIA; Mr. Rob Smith representing the Hospitality Security Foundation; Mr. Jeff Lesker Chairman of AHATA; Mr. Jaap Beaujon of IBS Aruba; Mrs. Anabela Peterson de Sousa; and Minister Edison Briesen, Minister of Tourism and Transportation.

November 2, 2005

The November 2, 2005 meeting with Mrs. Twitty and the Strategic
Communications Task Force was an opportunity to exchange thoughts, facts and opinions between both parties. Both parties brought several issues forward. The consensus is that the primary goal of everyone involved is to find out what really happened to Natalee Holloway by allowing the investigators to carry out their work and hopefully bring this investigation to a conclusion.

The Task Force reaffirmed its concern and empathy for the suffering of the Holloway and Twitty families in this terrible situation, yet called their attention to the need to remain fair to the population of Aruba and not to engage in making requests which aim to interfere with the economic stability of our island. The Task Force brought forward their disappointment with the fact that, despite numerous efforts that have been made by the local community to find Ms. Holloway and the enormous expenses incurred by our small island, the community of Aruba is collectively being unfairly accused of a number of things. This has gone so far that there are now calls for Americans not to visit the island and a call for an economic boycott of the entire island of Aruba.

The response of Mrs. Twitty to these issues is that she never used the word boycott. The Task Force did inform Mrs. Twitty that she may not have used the word "boycott", but that her appearance on shows where she speaks with persons that call for a boycott while nodding her head in obvious agreement, represents an endorsement of such a call. The Task Force repeatedly made it clear to Mrs. Twitty that condemning a whole nation for an isolated case
(which remains under active investigation) is grossly unfair. Mrs. Twitty did state that this case was never about a single citizen of Aruba or anyone present in the meeting, yet rather about what she feels are barriers that exist in the police force and prosecutor’s office which prevent the case from moving forward.

Mr. Paul Reynolds reaffirmed in this meeting that he is absolutely against any call for an economic boycott of the island, and that he wants to reassure the population of Aruba that this has nothing to do with the community of Aruba.

When I discovered Ed Smith's identity I called Jamie Skeeters who in turn called Ed Smith / Roos who confirmed that he was indeed Edwin Roos. All Jamie did was call the number listed above.

While Aruban Authorities repeatedly threatened Beth Twitty with a variety of unpleasant future events, which could include shutting down the investigation into the disappearance of her Daughter Natalee, they worked in a concerted effort to deny her the JUSTICE they promised. This all occurred at the highest levels of the Aruban Government and used a variety of tactics to keep the Boycott from progressing.

Mrs. Twitty never once, to my knowledge, made any references to the VOLUNTARY Boycott of the Island of Aruba. With threats like she received, how could she? While working to assure no loss of revenue from the American Tourists, they left Natalee on the beach and lied to everyone.

**Picture of Edwin and Yolande Roos courtesy of Carpe Noctem**

**ARU-BAY web info provided by Chicago_510**

**Thank you Gentlemen**



Myth Buster said...

Thanks for solving the "mystery" of Edwin Roos. But who is the real Ed Smith -- cause that's not him.

Zoltan said...

Myth Buster- Simply showing up and saying 'that's not him' ~ is not good enough. I have a bunch more that I have not posted, including his emails to me, that says it is him. PROVE IT!

I'll be waiting.

Myth Buster said...

First, I don't have to prove anything to YOU. But I will post some so that others can see why you are not correct.

Let me start by saying that common sense should tell us that the Director of the Chamber of Commerce for Aruba is not Ed's stated age of 34, nor is he likely recording Enigma-like music nor was he filming on the Tattoo.

Also strange is that Edwin Roos lives at Boonchi Strenastraat 11, not Boonchi Strenastraat 8 with his so called lovely wife Yolande. Even more strange is that Edwin "Ed Smith" Roos would allow his lovely wife to live with "Smit, Willem" of Boonchi Strenastraat 8 and his two sons, both of whose first names start with E and whose last name is Smit (i.e., Smith, English equivalent), one of which is 32 and one of which is 34.

Jamie Skeeter had all this information, including contact info and the real name of Ed Smith, before his death and I am sure his associates are not chasing Edwin Roos around looking for answers.

Zoltan said...

I'll stick by my post and refer to what Jamie told me personally in many phone calls. HE IS ED.

Jamie had no reason to lie.

Since you claim to know who 'ED' really is, let me ask you this, what is his motivation for keeping that 'missing' video of the small white van and the men in bio-suits hidden from everyone including Dave Holloway, who he said if he asked for it he would provided it?

Why is Ed Smith afraid to release that video? And don't tell me it doesn't exist. I have already seen it and I know it exists? The only reason I can come up with is he knows it will confirm that the ALE and the VT were either creating a crime scene or destroying one.

Is 'ED' so greedy that there is no amount of money that will satisfy his desire to profit off of the crime against of Natalee Holloway?

You owe me no explanations MB, however if you have any insight into this issue, I would appreciate it.

You know as well as I do that video does exist. If you have the ability to get it, I would appreciate you sending it to me as soon as possible. I will take it directly to Dave Holloway and I will NOT post it.

Thank you for stopping by to give your side of the information.

Myth Buster said...

Ed Smith is not scared to turn over the purportedly missing tape. Rather he was holding out for more than they were willing to pay sight unseen.

I was also in contact with Skeeter before, during and after, the whole plan for Rob from SM to get the tape fell through. As well as Dave. I also had contact with Ed. He said that he would have turned it over to Dave if Dave asked, but that Dave waited too long and then all the internet sleuths were bugging him. I also have a collection of funny emails.

My guess is Ed is like Rob -- both looking for their red Lamborghinis.

If I stumble across it, I will make sure that Dave gets the first copy.

Zoltan said...

MB, Have you ever spoken to Rob? I think he's more interested in Ferraris, and seriously doubt that anyone could offer him enough money to sell out Natalee.

Thank you for confirming that it does exist. I knew it did, but I'm sure there are some that doubt it. Let me ask you, what if I put you in touch with Mr. Holloway, would you be able to secure that video for him?

What is your take on the tape itself and have you seen it? What do you think it would show that is worth more than $25,ooo.oo USD?

I understand the plan fell apart not because of Rob, but because Joe M said he was working on other things that at the time seemed more promising. I don't know every detail, only Joe M does and he's in jail again.

I and others would be interested to hear what you have to say about this MB.

Myth Buster said...

Personally I have no use for Rob. After he was posting that he was in touch with Dave and Dave asked me who the hell Rob was, I stopped listening to Rob. I was told that Rob wasn't being honest and Joe didn't trust him anymore and that is why the plan didn't go forward.

Rob posted that he wanted a red lamborghini early on. I think that turned Dave off.

I don't need to be put in touch with Dave. We have been in contact for over a year and 1/2 now. I am not confirming the tape exists. That's why I called it "purported." Actually Rob was the only one who posted he had seen it and then Hotshot and others came out of the woodwork claiming to have seen it too.

Dave wasn't going to pay for something (nor were family funders) unless Ed would show it to his contact first, to verify that it was about Natalee and would show something useful. Ed refused.

Zoltan said...

MB, thank you for your comments. They are appreciated. I don't think Dave ever was asked to pay for anything and in fact Michelle put Rob in contact with Joe and he said that he never reached out to anyone except to try to get someone to get that video because it looked like it showed a crime scene around the time Natalee was missing and the confession was given / retracted. If I am correct, it seems to have been on the same day or close to it.

By the way, I wouldn't pay for something I had not seen either.

Lastly, I think Rob may have been not been serious when he said he wanted a Lamborghini, I think we all have our dream cars, but that doesn't mean someone would try to fund it trying to get a reward.

Which makes me think of this, how exactly was Rob going to be compensated? I don't recall him ever asking for anything. If Ed was going to get the money for the video, who was paying Rob? and what were they paying Rob for? It doesn't look like Rob wanted anything to me.

Nice speaking to you.

Myth Buster said...

Rob wasn't going to be compensated unless he was going to try to collect the "info leading to" reward from Twitty. Rob made the Lamborghini comment and now he's stuck with it. Maybe he just wanted notarity, who knows. I am sure only Rob knows. By the way, just as I know Ed Smith's true identity, I know yours too. Odd that you talk about Rob in the third person. You fool no one.

Zoltan said...

MB- everyone knows I am Rob, I have never made a secret of it. I posted about it just yesterday, so I hope you picked it up there, I hope you didn't have to read through 25 pages here to get your answer, but I see you did. LOL.

I think it's funny that you seem to think I am out for some type of reward and I would never ever do anything for money other than go to work. You certainly don't know me at all. I have always been a victim's rights advocate. It was cemented when my friend was murdered back in 04.

I have never asked anyone for anything. And never will.

Considering Joe's record and where he is today, I would think that if anything, you would realize exactly what my motives were and even though I was disappointed that Joe backed out, I didn't change my feelings about helping people.
They were simply to help someone.

I had been to Aruba 9 times and was at the HI prayer service for Natalee on the 30th day she was missing. It just happened that my vacation fell on those days. I saw the look in Beth and Dave's eyes and could see the pain they were in. It was then that said to myself if I could help I would. I didn't know if I could do anything, but I tried.

I tried to help them by getting in touch with the people I know there. That wasn't very successful, because as we know, no one on Aruba talks. But at least I tried.

MB- I started this blog not for money from advertising. It's just a small blog with a few friends that stop by to see my thoughts on crime and trying to raise awareness of those missing and the people that love them.

As for Hotshot, I don't recall her ever saying she saw the video and that is an unfair accusation of her. She tried to help. She reached Ed and he did respond to her. I don't think that she deserves any criticism. In fact she should be thanked. She did what most are always complaining about, she got off her ass and tried to something because she didn't like what was happening.

Lastly MB- I don't want notarity, but if that makes you feel better about yourself, so be it. I name this blog after two other people and not myself. I did it so they could live forever and not forget by the people that loved them.

If I was a glory hound as you suggest, I would put my name all over it and plaster advertising everywhere and only write about the things that attract people to sensationalism. I write about people that need a voice.

If the worst thing that you can say about me is I made a comment about a Lamborghini, well thank you. Have a nice day. I have enjoyed my conversation with you. I wish you the very best and good luck with your life's endeavors.

Thanks again for stopping by.

Myth Buster said...

Actually I had never read your site before today when a friend pointed me to your bold and what I still say is erroneous information about Edwin Roos. Makes me laugh that you would stick up for Hotshot, who most certainly does proclaim to have seen the video, whether by alias or whichever name was used. You two have similar investigation tactics -- incomplete and jump to conclusions which are unfounded in my opinion. That was the reason I stopped by -- debunking myths one at a time.

Good luck. Regardless of your motivations, which I think people can judge for themselves, I do find you mildly entertaining.

Zoltan said...

I must admit it does feel a bit odd defending Hot Shot, but it's not my job to judge her. Regardless of what you or others think about her, I think her heart is in the right place and she is not here to defend herself. So, let's leave her outta this. She is a person with feelings too.

MB- please stop by next week for a post that will blow your mind. It might be a two parter. This story needs to be told and heard by everyone that cares about what happened to Natalee.

The person that will tell this true story is someone who you will recognize instantly.

And I'm not just hyping that!

Don't be a stranger.

Good luck and I hope to see you soon.

Myth Buster said...

You said:

"MB- please stop by next week for a post that will blow your mind. It might be a two parter. This story needs to be told and heard by everyone that cares about what happened to Natalee.

The person that will tell this true story is someone who you will recognize instantly.

And I'm not just hyping that!"

Well, I am here, but I don't see anything. Did I blink too slowly or should I hold my breath a couple of more days?

Zoltan said...

TJ Ward is the person I was referring to. He has been a little slow to get the story complete and has been busy. He did an interview on WGST 640 where he outlines the story. You can find that interview here on my site.

In the story he has been working on he will go into greater detail and also talk about where he believes the case will ultimately end.

I can only ask that he try to finish it, but have no control over when he gets it to me. I was going by the info he gave me and he indicated he would have it complete when I made the comment about stopping back next week.

I will call him today to see if there has been any progress.

Myth Buster said...

TJ ward insists she is dead & her body was taken off Aruba by boat by a "Columbian". It was an accidental death that they panicked & tried to cover up....He says they have "evidence" of her death.

or at least that is what I was told. If he does have "evidence" what has he been doing with that for almost two years? Did he get this evidence before or after he was kicked off the island for not having a work permit? I will believe he has evidence when he shows us evidence, which hopefully will be within my lifetime.