Thursday, April 26, 2007


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….15 months ago Jennifer's life and the lives of the many who know her changed forever. Time does not heal all wounds. Time does stand still, but yet it also flies by at an alarming pace. We will never get over Jennifer being stolen from us, but we will get through it, somehow…someway .….with the love and support of family, friends, co-workers, colleagues, neighbors, volunteers and the many caring people that pray for her on a daily basis. United with the help and support of the many law enforcement professionals, the firemen, bail bondsmen and the countless others who have in someway worked on and/or continue to be part of her investigation, we will find the answers that we all so desperately crave.

Faith, hope and the belief that right will win out, we expect Jennifer's miracle, or the answers to the abduction……

Trying as this might be for all of us, we must remember that this is about what happened to Jennifer Kesse. It is not about anyone but her and what happened…..Any little thing that one can remember, please call the Orlando Police or Crimeline let them decide if it's relevant or not.

Focus on the person of interest, time and time again, we stress that if you knew this person….you would recognize them even without their face being visible. Study the picture…who do you know that walks in that area of Texas & Americana in Orlando? There is a lot of pedestrian traffic in that area. The Winn Dixie Shopping Center is always busy. Of importance is the fact, think back, do you recall seeing someone driving a 4 door Black Malibu Classic 2004? Someone who maybe doesn't own a car, only drove it briefly and then it was dropped off in the visitor parking lot at the Huntington on the Green Condominium Complex a mere mile or so from Jennifer's condo (at the Mosaic at Millenia on Conroy Road) at around noon on that Tuesday, January 24, 2006??? Does anyone recall passing by the entrance to Mosaic at Millenia at morning rush hour and think, remember did a black car pull out of the complex perhaps driving erratically? Perhaps not. We urge you to please look at the picture of her car, the person of interest. For those living in the Huntington on the Green Condominium complex where her car was found, please, think back, what do you remember, Jennifer's car was parked there for approx. 44 hours before a resident of the complex called to report it. The person of interest is between 5'3" and 5'5" tall - someone small in stature.

People talk, if you have knowledge of any circumstances surrounding Jennifer's case, please don't be afraid, do the right thing, make the call now. Contact a lawyer, member of the clergy, the police, a fireman, a member of the media and share what you know. There is reward money for the person of interest, as well as for information regarding Jennifer's case. You can remain anonymous and would be giving a heartbroken family the chance for answers.

If you own a website-please consider putting a Missing Person link on your homepage-then linking Jennifer's website. AWARENESS IS KEY! The internet a powerful tool.

Thank you for your continued support and assistance, Joyce, Drew & Logan Kesse and Rob Allen

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