Friday, March 30, 2007


Ban ami posted earlier awe, Natalee became un krimen víktima riba Aruba 22 months pasá awe. Den e siguiente 70 days e suspects lo either ta charged ku e crimes anti Natalee Ann Holloway o e ta wòrdu aparato kompletamente liber pending nobo evidence brought kaurenta.

Aruba- laga e ta konosí inmediatamente, mester bo kriminal justice system laga e unacceptable na pasa, nos ta bai na tuma esaki boycott na e siguiente horizòntal. I kere mi tin un siguiente horizòntal í abo no ta ke kí nos tin den tienda pa abo. Ayeranochi weeks Boston Protesta ta un chikitu muestra di ta ki den tienda pa abo. Nos tin ya raised e funds nesesario na alkansá nos goals, kuá ta wòrdu e total destrukshon di bo economía.

Pensando I'm gaña, purba nos!

Abo mester awor hasi e drechi kos í arestá Paulus í Joran Van Der Sloot í e Kalpoe Brothers.

Si e citizens di Aruba ta caught den e 'cross fire' di nos mission na hasi abo kèch esei kí.

Ha happened ta unacceptable, asina ta e. Abo no ta parce na sòru di Natalee í su famía o e otro families esei tin bai a e mescos bida altering experiences. nos no ta sòru kí happens na e 'good' hende di aruba. E mescos hende esei tin hasi nada na trese un konklushon na Natalee's afèr.

Bo e warned!

Ami no ta gusta na aplikashon threats. E ta no threats. E lo bira bo realidat mester e main suspects den Natalee's afèr ta freed.


As I posted earlier today, Natalee Holloway became a CRIME VICTIM on Aruba 22 months ago TODAY. Within the next 70 days the suspects will either be charged with the CRIMES against Natalee Ann Holloway or the will be set completely free pending new evidence brought forth.

Aruba- let it be known RIGHT NOW, should your Criminal Justice System allow the unacceptable to happen, WE ARE GOING TO TAKE THIS BOYCOTT TO THE NEXT LEVEL. And believe me there is a next level and you do not want what we have in store for you. Last weeks Boston Protest is a small sample of what is in store for you. We have already raised the funds necessary to accomplish our goals, which will be the total destruction of your economy.

Think I'm kidding, TRY US!

You must now do the RIGHT THING and ARREST Paulus and Joran Van Der Sloot and the Kalpoe Brothers.

If the citizens of Aruba are caught in the 'cross fire' of our mission to make you realize that what has happened is TOTALLY unacceptable, so be it.

You do not seem to care about Natalee and her Family or the other Families that have gone through the same life altering experiences. We do not care what happens to the 'good' people of Aruba. The same people that have done nothing to bring a conclusion to Natalee's case.

You have been warned!

I do not like to use threats. These are not threats. IT will become your reality should the main suspects in Natalee's case be freed.

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