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It can only be one thing. One thing that will destroy tourism FOREVER. A secret no one will ever accept. Something even more horrendous than anything mentioned to date.

The main questions through-out the case of Natalee Holloway are : What is so important that Aruba will give the main suspects in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway a free pass? What does Paulus Van Der Sloot know, or who does he know?

Everyone asks themselves the same questions over and over again. Almost as if by repeatedly asking those questions, the answers will magically appear. In the short history of the Net, Natalee Holloway is probably the most discussed person. Bloggers and Posters have gathered more info in her case than any other. Even with all the info collected, questions are still not answered.

All of the corruption, malfeasance, drugs, prostitution, gangland murders, smuggling, human trafficking, persons being held captive by Ministry Officials all pale in comparison to the REAL Aruban secret.

Drugs and prostitution are not the secret, they are out there for everyone to see, and some actually seek out Aruba as a travel destination for those vices.

Gambling and money laundering? Again the answer is no. Anyone looking to gamble can go to Vegas or Atlantic City. It's hardly a vice anymore. Even your Grandmother is in a NCAA Basketball Pool and everyone knows that money laundering has been happening on Aruba for decades, it's not a secret.

Is it Child Porn? This is one area that everyone seems to agree upon. It's disgusting and needs to be eliminated. The Diario briefly touched on this subject last year. Unfortunately they never seemed to complete the story and name who was involved. They just left it at - 'Elders'. I do not think this is the issue that is keeping SURVIVORS in the dark.

So what is it?

It is the bodies of the DEAD. Those missing on Aruba and those either VICTIMS of CRIMES or persons who had a tragedy befall them. Where are they and who is responsible for the decisions to make them 'missing'? This is the issue that no one will accept from Aruba. Imagine for a second that your mother, father, brother or sister went missing on Aruba. Would you recommend Aruba as a travel destination? Imagine for a second that someone is deliberately 'disappearing' them to protect tourism. No one would ever recommend Aruba. No travel agent and no 'good' word of mouth would ever be spoken about Aruba again.

I know of about 11 persons missing on Aruba, counting an Aruban woman from about 4 years ago. Those are official 'MISSING PERSONS' and not those that are 'off the books'.

Sure crime happens everywhere, we all know that. It is part of the Human Condition. A condition that has not seen much improvement over the last 100 years even though there has been an Industrial Revolution that has lifted many out of poverty. As I learned growing up, 'A rising tide lifts all ships'. Well, that is not necessarily so. There will always be predators and those they prey upon. There are many cases of people with infinite wealth that are also predators. Money alone does not make someone a good and honorable person. Predators do not care about wealth or a stable living environment, they only care about themselves.

Aruba does all to protect TOURISM. They go so far as to protect the very people that harm others (Tourists) on the Island. That alone is convoluted and twisted. How can any society flourish when some get preferential treatment? I read day after day in the Diario of people convicted of crimes on Aruba. However, very very few ever seem to be Dutch. The Aruban Authorities could argue that they do prosecute criminals. The disproportionate numbers surely reflect the true nature of their Justice System. A home divided.

Starting in 1986, Aruba received their Separate Status from Holland and here is where the trouble started. In an effort to transform Aruba into something heavenly, all talk of crime seized. No one wants to go anywhere where crime is rampant. Would you take your kids to Bogotá? Or how about Baghdad? I doubt it.

Throughout the years Aruba has been confronted with crime, just like every state in the USA and Holland. Unfortunately, they decided to do the WRONG thing and hoped no one would notice. Well, no one really noticed except for a few of us that had been going to Aruba and had seen the changes with our own eyes. I had heard of people missing from a cab driver or two. It was always followed with, so and so ran away, or that person was involved in an insurance scam or even that person wanted a less complicated life and decided to change their name.

I would always wonder to myself, why would they all be picking Aruba to make this life changing move? Are they dishing out new passports with no questions asked?

As time passed on, I began to become concerned about Aruba. I had friends there and knew something wasn't right. There was something that many on the island knew, but no one wanted to divulged. Such as the time I asked a friend who was the son of a Retired High Commissioner for information in Natalee's case that I could take to Beth and Dave. He replied, 'I am not the person to give you THAT info'. The info is on Aruba, but no one will provide it. Friendships fall to the side when you want to help someone in pain.

When Natalee became a CRIME VICTIM on Aruba, the ALE and Aruban Authorities used the ole tried and true mantras, only this time they didn't work. Some of us were already highly suspicious about crime on Aruba. It didn't take long to find out what we all suspected. Crimes go unpunished and paperwork, files and declarations end up in the circular file under Dennis Jacobs' desk.

When Max DeVries became a CRIME VICTIM on Aruba, it could be theoretically argued that he did not wash ashore. Even though the tests Aruba conducted during the Natalee Holloway investigation using dummies found that they did wash up on shore unless they were out 2.5 miles. In that case the dummies floated in the direction of Panama. According to info, Max was out on the jet-ski for 45 minutes and could have been beyond the 2.5 miles. Max was out 15 minutes longer than the rental time allotted. When David Stacey, the man Max went jet-skiing with was found, he was in possession of both jet-skis and Max was no where to be found. It would be interesting to see the records of where Mr. Stacey was located. How far out was Mr. Stacey?

In the case of Willard 'Buddy' Larson, he never even made it into the water. It's very hard to say that he floated all the way to Panama from dry land. In Buddy's case, he seems to have bought a hotel, air, and windsurfing package. When he went to get his equipment to windsurf, reports are that the supplier of the equipment did not have his equipment and that was the last time anyone saw Mr. Larson. Again, it's hard to fathom that he floated to Panama. Where are the reports regarding Mr. Larson's case? And for that matter, where is Mr. Larson.

On an Island only 77 square miles, it's hard to imagine that he completely disappeared. It is also possible that the people that owned the windsurfing shop, disposed of Mr. Larson at sea. Those with water sports businesses generally do own boats. Where are the declarations in Mr. Larson's case? Someone must have been questioned in his case and why were no charges ever brought? These are questions that demand answers so that the Family members can have complete closure.

Paulus Van Der Sloot would have been in the position to know many of the intimate details of all of the cases I have just mentioned, and could have blackmailed those involved in the 'missing person body squad' ran by Dirty Hand Edwin Comemencia.

When Paulus Van Der Sloot started the Holiday Inn story it seems it was to buy some time. He then used his friends and associates to do his ultimate DIRTY work.

When Paulus Van Der Sloot threatened the ALE, The Aruban Prosecutor's Office and the Aruban Government with telling all about the 'Body Squad' things changed instantly.

This happened on 6-10-2005.

Phones calls WIRETAPPED by the Aruban Prosecutor's Office will reveal the extent of these threats. These threats were made directly to Jan Van Der Straaten, Former Chief of Polis.

Who's missing on Aruba -

Our Girl - Natalee Ann Holloway
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Little Boy Terribly Missed by his Sister (Dominique) and Mother (Yvonne). Max Devries
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Young Lady will always be missed by her Mom (Iva), Dad (Ron) and Brother (Brad). Amy Bradley
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Tuesday March 24, 1998

Labouovic Family - Father "Goran", mother "Nevina", and two sons "Igore" & "Evonne".
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August 16th 2001.

Willard 'Bud' Larson still missing on Aruba.
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June 9, 1999

Gary Makings. Family is desperately searching and is very concerned.
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January, 29th 2002

Richard Henriquez. Please contact the Family at daphduck@yahoo.com
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August 24, 1996.

Aruba we are not going away and we ARE going to find out what happened to all these innocent people and what you did with them if it takes the rest our lives. And believe me, WE WILL find out!