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The Aru-Bay Videos, what the heck are they really?

In a case with tons of coincidences, twists and turns, and leaves us all grasping for the TRUTH, one area of the case is the famous ARU-BAY Videos. This deserves additional examination.

I have been studying these videos since 6/13/2005 when I received a PM from a poster asking me to look at a certain video in the group. At first I was not sure they had anything to do with Natalee's case. I had no idea how old the videos actually were. I also did not have access to the parent list from the ARU-BAY site at that time.

After acquiring all of the additional info I needed to make a determination, I began to become convinced they were part of the case involving the disappearance of Natalee.

I discovered that the videos were shot on 6/10/2005 and 6/11/2005 and were part of a larger video broken into many pieces to save server space. I contacted Ed Smith and began a roller-coaster ride dealing with a person with delusions. (I'm not going to talk to much about my dealings with Ed.)

I discovered that Ed was not reasonable and did not wish to share the TRUTH about the videos. Whatever it is Ed is hiding about these videos, it will remain hidden. Or will it? He will not release the 'missing video' no matter how much money is involved. That alone makes me suspicious about what the true nature of what the videos entails.

Internet poster EXTRAORDINAIRE Carpe Noctem dissected each video. CALIFORNIA LIGHT HOUSE PICTURES HERE. He found many truly amazing things on those videos and did still-captures of the videos where you can clearly see a variety of things that should not be there.


What is not real?

It's not a real crime scene.

It was staged to make it look like something was happening on Aruba to get a conclusion to Natalee's case or to lead everyone away from the Van Der Sloot house and the real crime scene. As you can tell by the Polis Officers actions, there is no urgency to get the body parts cleaned up, they just lie on the ground as they continue painting.

This was hard to put together and come to the correct conclusion.

On 6/2/2005 Dave Holloway and his friends searched the area behind the California Lighthouse. They did not see any heads or any other body part. They found nothing. Yet the cops kept pretending that something was happening there and acted suspicious so Dave and his friends would continue to look there. I'm sure you remember the incident with the crooked cop Halley.

On 6/5/2005 the group searched again and found nothing. There was no red substance on any of the rocks at that point.

This area was searched so many times and by so many different people that if there was anything there it would have been found.

On the night of 6/9/2005 Joran Van Der Sloot confessed that 'Something Bad Happened' and in the morning he was going to take the Authorities to the location of the body.

Also on the night of 6/9/2005 someone on the orders of Dirty Hand began creating a crime scene in the rock area behind the California Lighthouse.

Whether this was done to make it impossible for the cadaver dogs to make a HIT or to distract the media, the thread-surfers, and the Family, I can not be totally sure. I do know it was done to make it a movie.

One problem, the right hand didn't know what the Dirty Hand was doing. Interrogators get their confession, but how to explain the mess Dirty Hand created in the rock area if that is not where the body is located?

They overlapped the confession and the Aru-Bay videos by accident. Now it really looked like the Polis had her body.

Now retract that confession and get rid of those videos. Too Late. They're on the net and not coming back. Now the real problem is coming ashore like a TSUNAMI.

Now a massive can of worms has been opened and there are no excuses for what the Polis are doing with the Visibility Team in the rock area painting over rocks with non-removable white paint. (What the White Substance IS will be revealed at end of post.)

Now everyone is asking questions. And the Polis are not giving answers. It's all imploding on them. They are caught.

Art Wood said that before they ever searched the rock area behind the California Lighthouse a Polis Officer disclosed to him that they found a 7 year old Columbian Boy there the YEAR BEFORE.

Then they tried that story and it didn't work. Some had already known that was a lie.

They also never disclosed that Dinesh ‘Pitbull’ Djoegan was found tied up there the year before during Christmas.

I have seen so many posters and bloggers ask, "How did Ed know where to go?"

According to Ed he told me he followed the Polis while a distraction was created on the other side of the island.

That was not true. Ed was told where to be and bring his camera. This was all an attempt to make it appear that Natalee was either being moved around, or re-buried.

The truth was the Polis had her body on the first or second night. They had to come up with some creative ideas to make it look like the case was moving.

Jan Van Der Straaten in his infamous quote said 'he had seen the evidence that Natalee was dead, and you hadn't' -(to a reporter).

The only evidence that Van Der Straaten could use to make a conclusion like that is the fact that he had indeed seen the body early on and that alone fuels the fire of the posters clamoring for Holland and the US Federal Government to look at this from a cover-up stand point. Police do not say there is a dead person unless there is a dead person. That's Police 101.

With the Polis in possession of her body and the Family searching, they couldn't just reproduce her and put her on the beach. They would be exposed again. But this time, the Family is already convinced that a cover is in progress or that a serious case of malfeasance was on-going. Remember Aruba is only so big and a lot of the island had already been searched and if an area had been searched and cleared, the only way to re-produce the body of Natalee is to say that someone is digging her up and moving her around if you plan to have her re-appear.

By the time word had reached Ed Smith to remove the video, it was too late, someone already had the 'missing video' with the men in bio-suits, and that was a problem. How do the Polis say that is NOT a crime scene? They can't.

So you have people claiming the Polis do in fact have the body and they do, just not recovered from the rock area behind the California Lighthouse, but from the Van Der Sloot house by the bifrons who worked for Dirty Hand.

So what is that 'white stuff' the ALE and Visibility Team used to paint over the rocks?

It was road way paint used to paint lines on the center and sides of highways and roads.

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