Saturday, March 24, 2007

Aru-Bay Missing Video

The Missing Aru-Bay Video: What is it and why haven't we seen it again? (Click the movies titled 'small movies' 11620051 through 11620059. These are date formatted. 11620051 = 6/11/2005 file #1. And so on.)

First of all let me assure you all that it DOES in fact exist. I know because I am the only person that has seen it beside the poster Jacy(Just Me) who sent it to me. I now believe she worked in some capacity to get the Aruban message out then promptly disappeared when the Aru-Bay Video fiasco imploded on them. There is always the chance that she was an unwilling dupe in this instance.

As I have related many times that video shows men in BIO-SUITS and a small white EURO style white van. The van may actually be a Japanese Daihatsu.

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Daihatsu Van. Closest I could find to the Van in the Missing Video. Dushi Bagels delivery van is almost an exact match to Van in the Missing Video. Van in Missing Video does not have back windows.

In the video it appears that men in the Bio-Suits are examining a crime scene in the rock area behind the California Lighthouse and are preparing to gather forensic evidence.

Seems harmless enough and does not seem to imply anything nefarious.

Is that what really happened?

The 'missing video' is the first in the Aru-Bay series and has eluded the grasp of everyone trying to retrieve it. It appears to have been shot very early in the morning and the person with the two dogs is wearing a windbreaker jacket (possibly green in color). After about 8-9 am, it would be too hot to wear a windbreaker. In the other videos, the person is no longer wearing the windbreaker.

Is it evidence or more obstruction?

I now believe this VAN delivered the body parts and heads to the rock area from a grave(s) or the morgue.

The HEADS in the remaining videos are slightly decomposed and not skeletal. As Carpe Noctem found, there is one head with the tongue hanging out and what appears to be a bullet hole in the right temple and a piece of gauze covering the exit wound on the left side.

Why is that video missing?

I believe if it ever re-appeared it would show conclusively that the ALE and Visibility Team created the crime scene behind the lighthouse. IT WOULD SHOW WHAT NO ONE WANTS TO BELIEVE. It would show the ALE and Visibility Team transporting body parts to the rocks area. DIRTY HAND, the ALE and the Aruban Authorities did in fact try to obstruct JUSTICE for Natalee and her Family as early as 6/9/2005. This plan must have been hatched days before.

We all know that the ATA (Aruba Tourism Authority) and Tamara Waldron began posting on message boards as early as 6/5/2005. The messages they posted are clear for all to see. It was everyone's fault but Paulus and Joran Van Der Sloots, and the Kalpoe Brothers.

The attempt to steer the investigation away from the Van Der Sloot house was a diabolical plan conceived at the highest levels of the Aruban Government.

Any Government that would go to these lengths to hide the TRUTH is dangerous. VERY DANGEROUS.

Please remember that Prime Minister Nelson Oduber returned from Fort Lauderdale on the morning of 6/9/2005 and gave a press conference at 11 am on the case.

To protect Tourism and the Van Der Sloots, Aruba went to extraordinary lengths.

Exposing the COVER-UP that the Aruban Government created has taken time, but the picture is becoming clearer everyday.

Are these videos still important?

YES, they are more important now than ever. The 'Missing Video' needs to be recovered so the true intent of the ALE, Visibility Team, and the Aruban Authorities can be exposed to the WORLD.

We need to know why Ed Smith has a video titled Natalee 3 on his site and why it is 'FORBIDDEN'. Notice that the spelling of Natalee's name is the correct spelling. It is not a coincidence.

Nothing that has happened is by chance alone no matter how loud those on Aruba and their allies scream.


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