Saturday, March 3, 2007

Going Outta Business Sale

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Not only is Aruba the Americano Turista's worst nightmare, but they don't even give a damn if you die on their island.

Now, no one loved Aruba more than me. I sent so many of my friends there that I'm totally ashamed that I took their lives in my hands and risked their safety.

From palm trees falling on tourists to faulty All Terrain Vehicles to crappy dive equipment, what's next? Jet Blue landing on Palm Beach because the Queen Beatrix Airport has faulty radar? No one takes responsibility on Aruba. It's always someone else's fault.

Aruba is the ultimate con job. Believe me I bought it 9 times. I feel like such a gullible jackass for actually believing that Aruba cared about it's tourists.

Nothing happened to me other than being sold some bogus Cohiba Cigars that tasted like the Moko Dump Fire. I feel extremely lucky. Others were not so fortunate.

From bogus autopsies to suspects being freed in apparent murder cases, Aruba is dangerous to your health. Tuberculosis and Dengue Fever seem to be the parting gifts that keep on giving.

Aruba has a serious IMAGE PROBLEM. I didn't create it, they did.

With Droga Buzzards hanging on just about every corner of Downtown Oranjestad and the Polis turning their backs to all kinds of CRIMES, how long will it be until there is another INTERNATIONAL CASE on Aruba? I have my money on ANY DAY NOW! And ya know what? I will cry no tears for Aruba when it cries it is the VICTIM of the Main Stream Media again.

Crime happens everywhere, it's a fact of life. However the disingenuous way that the Aruban Government conducts investigations and allows VICTIMS to be blamed for their own misfortune (Ahhh-Hmmm, Criminal ACTS) while on Aruba, really takes the cake. They are so terrible at the COVER UP game that it took literally only 9 days to realize that they were not doing their level best to solve the CRIMES against Natalee Holloway.

Amateurs to solving crimes had this pegged on day 9 (BTW Today is day 662). Yet Aruba keeps trying to make it appear as if they were doing something. Here we sit 21 months later and they still have done nothing.

Broken promises to re-interview the main suspects. Deepak Kalpoe says 'he knows too much and he's not going back to jail.' Doesn't that alone tell you that there is something more here than a simple case of incompetency?

Let's say for a second that this is all incompetency. Does that make you feel any safer about Aruba? What if you are a VICTIM on Aruba and there is no conclusion as to what became of you or worse yet, they dispose of your body denying your loved ones a proper burial?

Aruba is not safe - stay away until further notice.

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