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Shango Says: June 26th, 2005 at 5:32 pm
The sacrifice is the correct food to appease the gods, arawaks, and cowboys
but the foundations of the house of babylon will shake
even harder if Arawak Dirty Hand is revealed.

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Fox News

June 15, 2005

Two police officers walked through the Van Der Sloot family's one-story, yellow-beige home, while others guarded the entranceway. A blue sport utility vehicle and a red Jeep were also towed from the property.

Officers on the scene would not comment, and police spokesman Edwin Comemencia said he had no information.


Updated Wed. Jun. 15, 2005 10:37 PM ET

Associated Press

NOORD, Aruba -- Aruban police Wednesday searched the home of a high-ranking Dutch judicial official whose son was with an Alabama honors student the night she disappeared, carrying out plastic garbage bags full of items and towing away two vehicles.


Wednesday's search of the van der Sloot home lasted about four hours. Two white-uniformed investigators from Holland carried suitcases into the one-story, yellow-beige home, which includes an attached apartment where the young man lives. They later returned the suitcases to their white, unmarked car.

Investigators also emerged from the house carrying two white plastic garbage bags full of unidentified items. A German Shepherd also sniffed around the property outside the capital, Oranjestad.

Authorities towed a blue sport utility vehicle and a red Jeep away from the house, which is surrounded by a low stone wall and fronted by an expanse of trees and cacti.

"The search is part of the investigation," said Mariaine Croes, a spokeswoman for Attorney General Caren Janssen.

Croes said both cars belonged to the family, but she did not say why they were taken away.

Janssen, who also went into the house, declined to comment as investigators wrapped up their search at about 4 p.m. Six police officers guarded the entrance to the property.

"We are just looking for evidence at the house but have nothing yet," police spokesman Edwin Comemencia said during the search.


Monday, September 19, 2005

Ex-commissioner Stanley Zaandam in his new book KPA-Quo Vadis 2,3
To exculpate the son of Paul vd Sloot, the commissioner and fiscal falsely arrested two ex security guards.

Police command nominations named as the reason of the mistake.

Bon Dia Aruba

ORANJESTAD – The police corps committed a blunder in the case of the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. According to ex-commissioner Stanley Zaandam, who dedicates attention to the case here and also in his upcoming publication.

According to Zaandam, the nominations - of among others Commissioners Bernardina, Dompig, Hassel and Richardson, along with 34 high-rank 1st class inspectors - which are against the law and hierarchy of the KPA [police corps], have serious consequences for the quality and integrity of work in KPA.

Accoding to Zaandam, none of the high-ranked commissioners has the qualifications nor experience to conduct a judicial investigation.

Police at the top of political list

According to Zaandam, Commissioner Dompig is under the instruction of Minister Rudy Croes, of MEP.

He also states that 20 other policemen were ranked high on a political list. Five others (…) among them Commissioner Hassell, according to Zaandam.

He also claims this is how Commissioner vd Straten was appointed to this case. However, according to Zaandam, this should not be work for a commissioner.


Zaandam continues talking about the blunder under which the 3 youngsters were questioned, which should have been a simple case, but one that resulted in KPA’s biggest blunder, due to the deceitfulness of JvdS, Satish and Deepak Kalpoe, they remained free another 12 days.


Zaandam keeps on saying in his book, two days after 5/29, the body of Natalee H. may have already been found and Cvp [police commissioner] looked the other way to do a favour for Paul vd Sloot (ex of chief staff of Cabinet PG [prosecutor general] J. Zwinkels). To exculpate the son of Paul, the CvP and fiscal chief prosecutor Karen Jansen made the false arrest of two ex-security guards, Jones and John , called this a ‘tactical maneuver’ , and denied them their freedom for another 10 days.

Posted: Sat Feb 25, 2006 4:13 pm Post subject:

Most likely since years back, private and public tourism authorities and law enforcement officials had an underlying agreement not to report crimes against tourists because they were detrimental to their image of pure, safe and uncorrupted island paradise. This unwritten law was easy to implement because incidents were so infrequent, that they could report them as missing persons. From 1996 through 2002, they had three disappearances reported. Not bad. An average of one disappearance every 24 months.

When Natalee’s incident occurred, Joran told Paulus about the “accident” and Paulus immediately thought of the island team in charge of “missing” people cases. Paulus had worked a few years back for the prosecutors office, as Antonio Carlo’s subordinate and had learned how Arubian authorities initiated these patriotic techniques, to preserve both, the island's economic sovereignty and the aspirational image of its criminals, which are portrayed as selective for going after illegal immigrants and locals only, not tourists.

Paulus was not totally frank about the incident. He just called his compadre Edwin -Papito- Commemencia and reported the case. Papito called the “missing” squad and they got rid of Natalee. They assumed this was just going to be one more case where Police authorities give the family of the victim the runaround; they give up and go home to light candles. They weren’t counting on Beth’s obsessive, unrelentless, persistent, annoying character.

The media started coming to Aruba and the news began spreading. What to do … that was the big question. The police, ATA and AHATA met. They agreed that they were going to show the family and the US that they care and are willing to do everything to find their missing daughter. “ Hey”, they said, “Maybe this will be good for us. All these cameras will put our island in the forefront”. The craziness begins and Arubian arrivistes show their faces in front of the spotlight.

When one week later the authorities figured out that the threesome was responsible for the crime and they envisioned the consequences of having an international coverage of the case and the investigation, it’s already too late. They can’t go back and undo what they have done, because the “missing” scheme would be revealed and that would mean the definite end of existence of the thriving Arubian tourism industry. Since then on, the madness and the lies have not stopped.

As Dompig stated in the Vanity Fair interview, they thought they were dealing with a normal family. By that he meant families like those of Richard Henríquez, Gary Makings and Willard Larson, all missing in Aruba never to be found.

Posted: Sat Feb 25, 2006 9:02 pm Post subject:


Edwin Commemencia

That is a name that is rarely brought up in this case. What do you know about him

Posted: Sat Feb 25, 2006 11:10 pm Post subject:


At the beginning of the investigation Papito Comemencia was very active as police spokesperson. I understand he is the officer that Joran considers his Godfather and uncle, not van der Straaten. He is -or at least was- very close to the van der Sloots.

Dompig was in charge of the interrogations back then. If you recall, he is the one that got the “confession” out of Joran on the 10th or 11th of June 2005, but it could not be admitted because the time duration of the interrogation exceeded the limit allowed for a minor.

A few weeks into the case, both Comemencia and Dompig sort of vanished and all focus turn to Jan van der Straaten. Most likely this was an Arubian strategy to point the finger at the Dutch, and steer the blame away from them.

Some of Comemencia’s key moments include reporting the different and dive searches, reporting beforehand that Paulus would request the court to allow permission to see Joran in jail, informing that nothing was found on the van der Sloot’s property search, telling Beth that blood had been found on the Kalpoe’s car, insinuating that more people were involved and in general, creating confusion and false expectations.

He is supposed to be Papi the Butterfly, the person that Simian/Merian Webster supposedly stated could unravel this whole mess. This is what I recall reading, but I guess an SM T&S lover could confirm this or not.

More by STom:

Posted: Mon Feb 27, 2006 11:31 am Post subject:


Comemencia could have bvery well alerted ahead of time about searches, but I don't know if he did or not. What matters is that he is the one that has the personal relationship with the van der Sloots and not van der Straaten, he is the one that Joran considers his uncle and Godfather, he is the one that was very present until they passed the ball to the Chief of Police, and he is the one that distorted information to confuse the public opinion as far as the investigation was concerned.

One example is telling Beth about blood in the Kalpoe’s car. Most likely he did it to handle Beth, in order to shift her vision of primary responsibility from Joran to the brothers. Just guessing, though.

Also, Comemencia often stated or implied that the FBI was involved in the investigative process, when that was not the case.

Police and FBI agents searched for Holloway for a ninth day today, but a lack of any solid leads was hindering progress, they said. The FBI was asked to bring in dogs trained to search for people, police spokesman Edwin Comemencia said.

Two divers among the eight FBI agents in Aruba have been searching the waters surrounding the island, police spokesman Edwin Comemencia said.

I believe Comemencia's comments about FBI’s participation was part of a predefined strategy to imply that the FBI was involved, so ALE probably used the FBI initially to fit its purposes.