Friday, March 30, 2007


Yes, 22 months ago today. (BTW- today is day 689) and to date no one has been held responsible even though the last person to be seen with her by his own admission has lied his ass off repeatedly. His father lied, his mother lied, his friends lied, his friend's mother lied.

Who hasn't lied?

Mr. Ramirez.

Don't remember this guy? He is the Step Father of the Kalpoe Brothers.

Somehow this guy has managed to remain in the background and under the radar. How has this all happened? Bloggers and Posters know more about the mysterious Lorenzo Van Rijn than Mr. Ramirez. He has not been caught in a lie because we have never heard one word from him. Strange, very STRANGE!

It could be easily argued that Mr. Ramirez has remained in the shadows because he knows nothing. As a matter of fact, there is not one picture of this guy.

How can someone that lives in the same house as two of the suspects know nothing?

It's impossible.

In the Dutch Legal System perpetrators make the rules up as the go along and change the dynamics in mid-stream if they don't like the way things are progressing. A System designed to allow criminals off and VICTIMS to languish.

If you lived in a house with a person suspected in the disappearance of a tourist you would expect that the Police would interview you and get your story on the record even if you have nothing to do with any of the actions of the suspects. It's common sense. The Dutch Legal System replaces common sense with malfeasance.


The Kalpoe Brothers state they were home between 1:10 AM (Satish Kalpoe) and 2:30-3:00AM (Deepak Kapoe). Where was Mr. Ramirez?

According to small amount of information available on Mr. Ramirez, he is an Aruban businessman. Nothing is truly known about the businesses he owns or is involved with or if he does in fact own businesses or works for others. It is not even known if he is Aruban or an immigrant resident. Nadira Kalpoe, his wife, is originally from Suriname, and left Suriname when she married Mr. Ramirez. How these two met is not known.

If Mr. Ramirez is in fact a businessman, you would expect that he would be home in bed asleep as most businessmen are not out conducting business between 1 AM and 3 AM. Where is Mr. Ramirez's declaration stating the Kalpoe Brother's whereabouts between the time Natalee went missing and the time of 11 am the next morning when Deepak Kalpoe says he turned on the television? Natalee was abducted from Carlos and Charlie's in downtown in Oranjestad at 1 AM. The next time anyone sees either Kalpoe Brother is when a neighbor gave a declaration that he or she witnessed Deepak Kalpoe vacuuming his car out at 3-3:30 AM. Deepak Kalpoe's declaration confirms that he was indeed cleaning his car during those hours.

A neighbor has provided a PV yet there is not one from Mr. Ramirez?

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