Friday, September 7, 2007


How can Robert Murat and Kate McCann be arguido / arguida at that very same moment?

So far Mr. Murat has still not be released from suspect status and Kate McCann has been added. But How?

Once Kate McCann was declared an arguida, Robert Murat should have been released.

Once again, something is not right!

I am not a Robert Murat advocate. I am an advocate for the innocent. If Kate McCann is a formal suspect, why the reluctance to release Mr. Murat?

How can these two individuals be suspects at the same moment when they have no connection to each other?

Who will be the next arguido / arguida?


Anonymous said...

Being Portuguese, I may be able to enlighten you on this regard.

There are two ways you can become arguido: the police can make you one, or you can ask for that status (pending approval).

But to cease being an arguido, neither the police nor the arguido himself are necessarily involved, the decision would come a specific public officer from the Public Ministery I believe.

So you shouldn't derive any conclusions from the simultaneous arguido status of two different people.

Anonymous said...

How do you know that Murat and kate or Gerry McCann are not connected? Didn't G McCann, Murat and one other of the Tapas9 live in Leicester? Or some other city? I'm sure I read something on the Mirror forum, something about a connection.