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August 24th, 2007 Family Letter
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Friday August 24th marks 19 months since Jennifer was last seen or heard from. She is still considered “Missing and Endangered” by Orlando Police., Orange County Police, FDLE and the FBI. We, as her family, still hold out HOPE that Jennifer will be found alive and brought home. We hold that belief due to the continuing fact that nothing has been found or used of hers since 1/23/2006, 19 months ago. So until someone comes forward or evidence is discovered to the contrary we will stay with the belief she is alive, held against her will and is waiting to be found and rescued! We will not stop our fight to find our Missing Daughter for the good or the bad, Jennifer needs to come home – NOW!!

We again plead with anyone who has any information about Jennifer or the Suspect who last drove and parked her car in the Huntington on the Green Condo’s at the corner of Americana and Texas Ave in Orlando Florida, 1/24/2006 at Noon, to come forward for Jennifer’s sake. End her pain now! There is still reward money available for information leading to Jennifer’s whereabouts as well as for information leading to the Suspect’s Identification and whereabouts. We are a desperate family looking for our loved Daughter who was taken in an instant without cause. Please take the time to view the photos of the Suspect/Person of Interest on this website. Take the time as many of you have many times to pass on the information to all the people you know and ask them to read about her abduction and pass on her website to all they know. Awareness is everything and we continue to this day to receive tips everyday and we thank you, don’t stop her awareness campaign. Jennifer will be found and you, the people, who visit this site and care enough to keep her story moving forward are our biggest asset. You do make a difference when you pass on her information – Please do not stop!!!

We were invited and will be attending Florida's State Missing Person's Day Ceremony, September 10th at the State Capitol in Tallahassee. Jennifer will be a featured Missing Person at the Ceremony hosted by The Governor, State's Attorney and FDLE.

The outpouring of support we receive from people in the Orlando area as well as the state, country and around the world still amazes and humbles our family. We were recently contacted by a local Artist from Orlando, D. Rector from Nakimalon Arts Inc, NAKIMALON. Not knowing how he could help, his daughters inspired him to create a portrait of Jennifer to let us know people do really care and are supporting us in our fight to find Jennifer. He presented that portrait to us recently and is a true work of art. D. Rector we thank you for your creative work and support for Jennifer and our family.

We would like to share another “Letters from Home” from our friend Kathleen;

I came into the Kesse circle later on when I married into it. I can remember the first time I met Jennifer. The first thing that grabs you is her physical beauty. Then I watched her interact with everyone and listened to what she had to say. I thought to myself, this is a composed, intelligent, focused young woman with big heart, beautiful inside and out. She seemed to me to be mature beyond her years, but that was balanced with a terrific sense of fun and enjoyment of life. She was as they say "the whole package". Wow, how far she could go in life. What a fantastic future was ahead of her. Those were my thoughts back then.

When my husband called and told me she had disappeared, I pulled the car over to the side of the road. My legs were shaking and I couldn't focus on driving. I did finally make it to the business meeting I was headed to, but I did not hear a word. Much to my dismay a year later, I was at the same meeting at the same place, same time and still no Jenn.

I talk about her to everyone I meet who will listen. I just did this today and spoke to someone I had never met before. They all ask the same questions, make the same comments. "Well maybe she just wanted a break from her life". No I answer, she has a fabulous life. She loves her job. She loves her new home. She loves her family and friends. There was nothing to take a vacation from. " Maybe she has another life somewhere and is living that life" No, I say. She was extreme close to her family. She would never make them suffer." She is a direct and truthful young woman. If there was another life for her she would go live it. She isn't about scheming, lying or deceit. This is not in her nature.

She was taken by someone. And if that person has a child, a mother, father, sister or brother, aunts, uncles, cousins who they love and care about then they need to put themselves in our shoes. Think of how her disappearance has affected Jenn's family and friends. This person of interest has not done an honorable thing. But they could do something honorable by picking up the phone to tell us where she is. Just a sentence or two that would enable us to find her, this would be enough. That would be all it would take to help another family to go on. This person should call the police. Enough time has passed. It would only take a phone call to bring peace to themselves and us.

This was my fault for not posting this sooner. On 8.24.2007 I visited JENNIFER'S SITE, and did not see the monthly message. I contacted Bill Gilmour (Jennifer's Uncle) to see if there would be a monthly message. Bill was not sure what the Kesse's had planned and said he would get back to me. I checked again on 8.25.2007 and still did not see the message. Last night I checked again and the new message was posted. I apologize for not following up on this important message from Mr. and Mrs. Kesse.

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