Thursday, September 27, 2007


Times tickin'. You're down to just a few days to figger out how to re-write Dutch Law.

This should be good! Two step Article 45 or have your asses handed to you. Oh it's delicious. We're all watching you from the comfort of a lazy-boy as you do the mad scramble in Illinois. Oh, TRUST ME, I'm watching you everyday. Everyday as you scan my site.

Anyone over there an alum of a real law school? Sure doesn't look like it from here. Only looks like a fat check from a gangster to me and mas amigoes.

So who pays you guys? Posner? AHATA? ATA? Who? You guys have been ringing up quite the bill now haven't you? What's the total? 500K, a MILLION?

We all know the Kalpoe Boys don't have two sticks to rub together, so who is paying your fees? or are you all gonna claim - Pro-Bono? I seriously doubt it.

This little lawsuit scheme of yours has helped no one but you. Now people have a better understanding of why attorneys are so hated. It's crap like this that gets people totally infuriated toward your *cough* profession.

I know real Attorneys that actually argue before the Supreme Court and change the Law of the Land. Real Attorneys from real Law Schools. With Real Morals.

You cretins on the other hand are nothing more than a Gold Digger's best friend. You swoop in at the last second and fight a family's inheritance and rob the true beneficiaries of an estate. Now aren't ya?

You're repulsive. Now you have something to talk about over at the water-cooler where your strategy sessions are conducted.

As you watch me - I watch you... and I'm lovin' every minute of your total incompetency. It's a gift that just keeps on givin'.

Wonder how long your crappy little practice will hang on after this abortion?

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