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I finished the book yesterday afternoon and I find LOVING NATALEE everything I hoped it to be.

Because so many have not yet received their copy (seems only igsigs and I have the book currently), I will not give any details about what is revealed, but rest assured you will learn many new things. You will learn the reason for the US Government's reluctance to get more deeply involved. This is an area, I believe, has not been discussed and was totally new to me. I must say I was not surprised given that we are talking about Aruba and it being a land of people with no moral compass. When you repeatedly scratched your head and wondered why - you will now know. If you have any foreign policy knowledge you will be more disgusted by Aruba's attempt to circumvent the US State Department. Some will be outraged.

The book is exceptionally well written and a pleasure to read. Beth and Sunny Tillman have done a fantastic job.

The book is emotional. As you would expect. Go behind the scenes of the Aruban investigation and learn never before known facts about the case. Many of these facts will be new to you and you will have a new respect for what the Holloway's and Twitty's endured during their time on Aruba searching for Natalee and the truth.

Paulus Van Der Sloot comes off looking even more evil and diabolical, if that is even possible. Revealed - the visit to the Van Der Sloot house by Beth and Greta. What really occurred in that house? Now you will know.

The ALE and Aruban Authorities use the perfect idiot to create the imperfect storm.

Also discussed is the need to better educate young people to international travel. And older people for the matter too. Education is the best policy and Beth makes that point loud and clear.

Beth's Faith in God is as clear as a bell. A familiar tone also seen in Dave's book - Corruption in Paradise. At one moment Beth allows God to take over. You will find this comforting and reassuring. I know I did.

I will spare you any more torment while awaiting your copy. Just know that you will be getting a terrific book written with care and compassion for Natalee.

>>>remember -> RUN. NOW. GET!

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