Saturday, September 15, 2007



-Recently a bunch of cocaine soaked individuals have been writing to me from Aruba. They are hopping mad about the videos I made of Aruba (Aruba Driftin' on the Darkside and Aruban Biba Lekker).

I find them incoherent and utterly hilarious. Not one of them has ever heard of spell check and I'm surprised they can even turn on a computer let alone type a message. This is one messed up society.

Bamboo says - R U illuminatie or something, you should put in your videos how bush your presidents kills thousend and thousend of innocent poeple you asshole.......stop fucking around with aruba. Go check skull and bones you asshole

(ARUBA is the topic! Not Bush!)

Check Bamboo's YouTube Favs. He got RUBUBI marked! WTF?!?!?! Everybody loves RUBUBI!!!

Bamboo's favs here - scroll down.

Bamboo the Aruban pulled his video response to me. He has no balls or class. I have all of his messages to me and I am contemplating posting them for you to see the Aruban mindset at work. All the more reason to boycott that dump until things change and they start a nationwide recovery program. It's not safe for Americans or any other nationality on Aruba.

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Anonymous said...

I just found your site and love it! Please post the coward's messages for all to read. I'll sure pass the word, reminding those I've told of Natalee's fate.

Aruba . . . what the first stage of Hell looks like.

Justice for Natalee!