Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I know, I know. You're stunned, shocked, and hurt. I heard it too. It was devastating to hear John Q. Kelly last night. The words were indeed unexpected. Or were they?

Let's start with Mr. Kelly.

Mr. Kelly is a Civil Attorney. Not an Investigative Attorney. He's a litigator. And I knew this was going to be a problem on day one. A Civil Attorney tries to indemnify the survivors of a crime - ala - The Brown Family. They do not do the work of a Prosecutor. They move in after a crime has been prosecuted and clean up the scraps. I know the ladies love his smile and think he is just dreamy and charming, but this isn't a popularity contest. This is a battle for Justice. It takes balls made out of Titanium. A skin so thick it could be confused with the Star Wars Defense Initiative.

Mr. Kelly got a lesson in International Law. And in a case this important and high profile, on the job training is not the place to get your education. Had Mr. Kelly been hired after a final verdict and appeals process, that probably would have been fine. Sue the Van Der Sloot's, the Kalpoe's, any others involved and the Corrupt Aruban Government. Make the Holloway's whole. That's Civil Law.

Mr. Kelly did not like the fact that he was shunned. So What! The Natalee Holloway case has not been officially closed and no Prosecutor will divulge all he knows before that date. It's a fact. I know most will not like it, but that's the way it is, and will always be. Everyone wants to see that dossier and we all will at some point. That day is probably not that far off.

Opinions are all over the board on Mr. Kelly. Only he knows what went down in that meeting, but he was quick to share for the first time since he was hired so many months ago. Pressure is always an Attorney's best friend. Mr. Kelly applied no pressure throughout the case, or had no clout with anyone who could.

Most in the Aruban Prosecutor's office have been jerking everyone around since day one and nothing has changed. How long did it take everyone to recognize that? Not long at all. Those that were not playing the Aruban Legal Hoopdee Dupedee quit or just left. It looked like some on Aruba actually owned a mirror or two.

A Gentlemen only has so much clout when dealing with savages. It's the Law of the Jungle.

Prosecutor Hans Mos - The jury is still out on him, but it's hit the eleventh hour of deliberations. The Jury will speak momentarily. Beast of Burden or Straight Shooter? New Evidence or misunderstandings? The Aruban version of Dutch Law always has a built in legal loop hole for those who commit crimes. A taste of legal jargon to allow the privileged to scurry. If that doesn't work, just make up a new batch of laws to fit the circumstances.

Sure, he made all kinds of statements. He got everyone's hopes up. His words made us all feel as if it was a new day. The hopes of Natalee's Family, the hopes of the people who have been there to support those Family members since day one, and of course Natalee's friends, who miss her so much. Rise so high but so far to fall.

Mr. Mos has quite the chore. Take apart all that is crooked and wrong with Aruba, or dance around and do the Hokie Pokie. Mr. Mos' job here is to identify the evidence and prosecute those responsible. It's really that simple. We all know about the majority of the corruption occurring daily on Aruba and I'm sure there are still a few more snakes slithering around that desert hell hole. But for the most part, we all know. It's not a secret anymore. In fact, they're not very good at covering up their corruption and most of it flaunts it's ugly head right out in the blazing Aruban sun. The corruption is a separate issue from Natalee's case. What we consider corruption, they consider business as usual. And why should we be meddling in their business?

I'll tell ya why.

One of our fellow citizens is still missing and presumed murdered. It matters to us. Those of us who cherish Justice and those who actually care about their fellow man and woman. We care and it DOES matter.

Natalee Holloway was not a piece of trash for you to arbitrarily discard. I think the Aruban's are finally learning that lesson. It only took two years and seven months. They do have thick skulls but thin skins. They learned Justice is connected to money. Our Money. The greenbacks that will not be making the journey to Aruba anytime soon. America has voted with it's purse strings. The winner of that election is - 'Anywhere but Aruba'. How's that for a new brochure slogan?

But does that bring us one step closer to Justice? Only time will tell on that one, but wait should not be much longer.

We have to recognize that the rest of the world does not work like American Jurisprudence. We can only wish. For the most part, the rest of the world is lacking any Justice for Victims and does not come close to the standards we set for ourselves. Standards that others do not want to acknowledge. Our Justice System, although not perfect, is the heavy lifting most just do not want to get involved with. It takes real pride to hold yourself to our standards. Most countries would rather just skirt the immense push it takes to ensure that the weakest among us receive the same treatment as the Queen and her Court.

What's next?

The case could be closed and that brings us all one step closer to Uncle Sam finally getting involved. Of course there are no assurances from anyone in the US Federal Government that they will in fact get any closer to the truth. There are no indications they will make any move at all. If there is, I haven't seen it. I am well aware of Art Wood's extradition statements and I can only hope, but they have to be willing.

Those responsible for the Crimes against Natalee Holloway need to be tried and convicted whether on Aruba or in the United States. And the Holloway's made whole.


mishy said...

Do you really think the U.S. will get involved once the case is closed if Aruba doesn't find/do anything?

Zoltan said...

Mishy - sorry for not publishing your comment sooner. It was in a folder and I forgot to check it.

I hope so, but we have no indications from anyone that will be the case. We will have to wait and see.

Anonymous said...

We can only hope that, if these three kids are guilty, their crime will haunt them to the depths of their souls forever.

But here's the real news - Aruba sucks, it's dry, desert like, a typical hotel strip with impoverished surroundings, and a long way to get the same thing you could find in Mexico, except much better. Aruba, good luck, you will never see my dollars again.