Thursday, December 27, 2007



Lets make no mistake. Ms. Bhutto was in fact a victim of crime. Cold blooded killers. Al Qaeda and their sympathizers. Lured back to be killed. But she already knew that. And so did we. I could see this day as clear as a bell after the last attempt on her life just about a month ago.

Pakistan needs to get it's act together and pronto.

As a haven for all things evil, Pakistan harbors the most wanted men in the world. The same men wanted now for the murder of Ms. Bhutto. We remember that Sheik Mohammad was captured in Pakistan and I have very little doubt that the rest of the clan is in hiding somewhere in the immediate region.

And what can really be said in a complementary fashion about General Pervez Musharraf? Pro Western. But what does that really mean? He likes French wine? Italian sports cars? American movies? That man needs to put his money where his mouth is. As a man who took over in a bloodless coup, he leaves very little to admire.

As a hardcore conservative, I watch as George Bush fiddles and he's no ally of all things RIGHT. Yes, it's true. So very very true.

If George Bush was even one tenth of what he proposes he would have removed this haven for all things evil. But he kicks the can to the next President. The exact thing he said he would NOT do. I wasn't sure I believed it at the time. I so wanted to believe, but my heart told me otherwise. Let's get real, he's no Reagan.

As time unfolds and we see the true dynamics revealed, we are left wondering if Pakistan is Saudi- Lite. I have no doubt. Saudi Arabia continues the strangle hold on the Monarchy and Pakistan revels in the DIRTY WORK. Well, at least women can now drive in Saudi Arabia. Maybe in the next century they will actually be able to see a doctor.

Pakistan polishes the nuclear tips and threatens the rest of the region and everything becomes even less stable. Bullies to the right and bullies to the left. Such the conundrum. And no one with a set of balls to end this two decade long nightmare.

A base of terror right there and identified and no one does anything about it. Revolting!

The people of Pakistan deserve to the same opportunities as the rest of us. A chance to have a good life. What's so hard to understand about that? The 160 million people of Pakistan want the same things as every other person on this planet. They want their children to go to a good school, to have a good meal and not be hungry, to sleep the sleep of angels, to have a chance to live to see the next day, to have the chance to see their dreams come true. A parent will do without so a child may have. It's all part of being human.

As we mourn the MURDER of Ms. Bhutto, we remember she was a true representation of all the things we wish for our children and ourselves. A person who rose to the highest office in Pakistan and made a difference for the people she served.

Democracy has many foes and many advocates. Those that oppose freedom for people are on notice that their days are indeed numbered and the era of dictators is OVER. Let's all remember that even America is not a Democracy. It is a Representative Republic. And a step beyond democracy.

Good Bye Gentle Soul. You will be so missed.

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