Sunday, December 2, 2007


I have not posted about Madeleine McCann is quite some time. And no, I have certainly not forgotten about her.

It just seems the case is not moving in any direction. No direction at all. One day it seems there will be a major break-through and then nothing happens. Then the next day it looks like the case will move in another direction and then again - nothing.

As a sub-item to the case, I have been following the postings of those on the UK Mirror Forum and the case is as hot as Plutonium 239. Six months later and it is as hot as it was on day one. Nothing has changed. And for the most part there are some really good folks over there. They have a real desire to see Madeleine found; dead or alive, the case concluded and those responsible punished.

It takes a special person to hang with a case so passionately for six months. It really does. It takes someone with a real sense of Justice. Someone who cherishes all that Justice provides. A system designed to protect the weakest among us. To ensure that All receive the same treatment should we ourselves become Crime Victims.

The theories are all over the spectrum and some are quite well thought out. Some are just plain nuts.

Beside the fact that we all want Madeleine found yesterday, I do note the intensity of the debate. I usually do not talk about Forum debate here. It's mainly about the Crime Victim. But in this case, the debate is so intense because the issue is so volatile.

It is still about a defenseless little girl, and it always was. If you can't passionately debate about this issue and stand up for Madeleine, there is probably not much that will ever get you in an uproar. Check your blood pressure . . . you just might be dead.

Madeleine is still missing, and everyone and everything is under the microscope on the Mirror Board. Rightfully so.

Cases are not usually solved on a forum. It has happened and Grande and I will attest to that, but for the most part it is the discussion that furthers the cause of Justice and ensures it never becomes a back-shelf item.

For that I am grateful to those that are SO passionate.

It does get HOT on The Mirror Board. And Rightfully So.

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