Tuesday, December 18, 2007


The last two years and 7 months have been hell for everyone. Natalee's Family and the "Lovers". Hell for everyone, except the "Haters" who are all going to Hell anyway . . . so it's just like being at home.

Aruba, oh the good times. And now the bad times. Nothing is gonna shake this disaster. Nothing! They're DONE. Closed! Morally Bankrupt! And no one wants to take even their worst enemy anywhere near Aruba. Shortly the only way to reach Aruba will be by bottle. Bottle you say?... yes, one of those bottles the shipwrecked throw into the sea to alert someone, anyone that they are alive and need help. Good luck fitting into one of those itty bitty tiny little bottles.

I remember the "good times". When Aruba hid it's dirt under the rug like every other little sand trap in the Caribbean. I once asked an Aruban - "Hey what can I actually go to jail for here"? Being the Hell Raiser that I 'was'... I wanted to know.

I was kinda shocked to find out I could only really be locked up for murder, rape, and drunken driving. Well, Aruba is now down to one offense punishable by a prison sentence. And judging by the way the populace drives, drunken driving seems to be the norm. Anyone with a blood alcohol level under .50 is NOT drunk. They're just getting warmed up... unless you're from America, then if you have one drink - you're bombed and ready for rehab. You're a lush and liable to say you are related to Queen of Holland.

It really is the land of the lawless. How else to explain everything that happened over the last 2 years and seven months? It was what we have all said it was - FIXED from day one.

A little girl and her Family are denied Justice because Aruba says so... PATHETIC!

All to protect all things Sloot.

The Judicial end of the case may be closed, but hunting season just opened.

Dutch Cowards are now in season!

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