Saturday, December 1, 2007


The Kalpoes Brothers will be walking out of jail and back into reality. The case against them is in all likelihood over. Never say never. They have been arrested three times, only to be released each and every time. The evidence is apparently not there.

This ends the beach story and what was left of Larry Garrison's remaining credibility. Garrison was wrong and he based it all on Joran Van Der Sloot's personal diaries. Garrison believes Satish pick-up Joran. Based on Joran's words. Garrison believes every word Joran speaks. Garrison and Anita Van Der Sloot. What company! Would you believe a word written in those journals? No, me either. Ms. Van Susteren is gonna have to get used to that, and she's not one who likes to be wrong. She's been pushing this theory harder than anyone. I'm actually quite relieved that the focus has shifted back to Montanja 19 - where is should have been since Day One.

The House of Sloot.

Between Garrison's Deep Throat and the Beach Story, was there one item he actually got right? - I almost forgot his Columbian Condom Man.

Sell, Sell, Sell. He got that part right, I guess. Problem was he is basing it all on a little girl that has been murdered. Shame. Hey Larry, maybe you should finally return those diaries, Joran is begging for something to read and he will even accept his own fiction.

Van Der Straaten's colossal collapse as an investigator is also now complete. Even the Judge did not believe a word he said. Van Der Straaten triangulated Joran to the beach. Or did he? Maybe he didn't and only said he did. I don't know, and have always said the phone / text records are incomplete. Pieces of that pie are missing and have either been deliberately removed or have never been added. It's also possible that an item or two was intentionally added to make it appear Joran was somewhere he was not.

In an investigation this corrupt anything is possible.

How can I arrest the son of my best friend? Indeed! Like any one else, unless you are as crooked as we have all suspected. Run Jan Run... all the way to Bonaire. Another Dutch Coward.

Mos appears, on the outside, to be a straight shooter. And only time will tell. Joran Van Der Sloot and his father, Premeditated Paulus Van Der Sloot, have always been the focus no matter what anyone else says. And let's keep our eyes on them.

They cook up more stories than any two criminals I have ever seen and logic dictates there is a reason for that. To shift the focus to others while they themselves have committed the crimes against Natalee Holloway.

I don't believe for one second that the Kalpoes are NOT involved. They are involved somehow. We all know that. But their level of culpability remains in question.

In a case that leaves us all searching for the truth, one thing remains clear. The KLPD has an informant, and that informant works directly for the KLPD. Information developed led the investigation directly to the Sloot compound and a search for evidence was launched. No one spent one ounce of energy digging up the Kalpoe's abode. That alone told me something all the way back when.

What that evidence entails should be the nail that seals the coffin on two of the worst human beings in quite some time.

The list of suspects shrinks. It does not expand and the scope is now squarely where it belongs - on Joran and Premeditated Paulus Van Der Sloot.

Joran remains in jail. And will not be getting out anytime soon. Like father like son. Let the sweating begin!

I surmise that the evidence against Joran includes his father.

How could it not?


gpinews said...

You are a fraud at exposing the truth. The Kalpoe brothers and Joran told me personally lies after lie, and the world knows the truth. You expose the truth? Then why don't you expose your relationship with Aruba.

Larry Garrison

Zoltan said...

Good Lord that got you outta bed fast, now didn't it.

My relationship with Aruba?

What are you insane on top of gullible?

Other than traveling there for vacations, I have no relationship other than some friendships with people NOT involved in this case.

Not everyone on Aruba is a criminal . . .just some.

You know Larry, I have discovered something. Most do not want to be wrong, you are no exception. You would rather be right than have Justice prevail. The real truth.

Good Luck re-writing history in your next "Tell All'.

I, for one, will not be buying any of the drivel you "write".

Iowatreasures said...

gpnews; zoltan; Scared Monkeys, et al. You do not know what happened there that fateful night in Aruba. Why do I know that? Because you were not there. Your theory is no better than anyone elses. Everyone got caught up in the furor caused by Beth (Hollow) Twitty, and the case may not ever be solved/resolved because of her interference. There were many, many, many people on that very beach, that very night. Party on the party boat, the police chief's drug dealing brother-in-law; Jossie Mansur's illegal immigrant gardener's illegal immigrant son; the fishermen (they testified to who they didn't see on the beach - Joran); the car parked near the fishermen's hut at the rest area; boats going in and out of the beach there; a knife and a crab cage missing (how can that be? The fishermen were there - did the police take fingerprints, etc?.) There was Croes (who may have been giving a revealing message when he replied to Greta's question about why he lied - "Maybe I was just trying to help somebody out." Was that somebody Natalee? Was she so embarrassed and mortified because of her "Hitler sister" mother who came in like a vigilante seeking frontier justice and capitalizing on people's sympathy for her to "convict" Joran and his family - who are all very nice, gentle, respectable people. Who will be the first to apologize to them when the real truth is known. People speak of miracles - perhaps Natalee is hiding out in Venezuela, and all the deep ocean searching is going to produce nothing. Think about it - You weren't there. You weren't there. You weren't there ! ! !

Zoltan said...

iowatreasures - looks like we have our first Sloot sympathizer of the a day. Where to begin? The Sloots deserve no sympathy from anyone. Zero sympathy. They both had said they know more and will not reveal what they know. So it's obvious they are involved. If you can not see that - that's your damm problem.

First of all, the Tattoo party boat (I assume that is what you are referring to above, since you don't even seem to know the name of the darn thing) was not in use that night.

As someone who claims to know so much, you actually know less than the rest of us.

The Hilter's sister comment is only referenced by a known liar named Joran Van Der Sloot. No one else, and since it certainly appear that he killed Natalee, she won't be around to tell her side of the events. How convienent. And only someone as stupid as Karin Jansen and you would believe it.

And in-fact - Hans Mos has made the startling leap (at least for you and this appears to be new info for you) to murder. He is the one that said Natalee was killed.

Interesting how you blame Beth for the actions and deeds of the Sloots and the lack of action by the corrupt police force. Interesting to see the mind of someone who cherishes the criminal. Actually it's totally repulsive.

The 'real' truth is at Montanja 19 as we all know and that was confirmed by the KLPD who tore up the house and garden. Funny how they are not investigation Beth, Dave or anyone from Mountain Brook.

If anyone should heed their own words - it's you. You spread even more lies and propoganda. All future comments by you will not be posted. This blog is not a platform for the criminal Sloots.

Now take a hike.

One last comment - stop kissing Sloot ass, and get off your knees.

Anonymous said...

Natalee also called her mother Hitler's Sister to one of her classmates. You need to research before you bellow out your inept statements. It doesn't matter to me if you publish my comments or not - you will read them, and that is my intention, for you to know you aren't as smart as you think you are. Liars and losers become known, eventually. I think you are a loser - you don't know enough about the facts to lie - because you weren't there. . . you weren't there . . . . you werent . . . . .lol

Zoltan said...

Hiding behind the "anonymous" moniker tells me you weren't there either. And good Lord are you opinionated for someone so afraid to tell others they weren't there and you continue to make my point. You're an idiot. An absolute babbling moron.

Sticks and Stones baby...

and again, all future comments will now be deleted and NOT read.