Monday, January 14, 2008


Joran, the alcoholic, must have been pretty mad when he threw the wine of Bacchus. Self-control has NEVER been Joran's strong suit. Premeditated Paulus, the alcoholic, kept his wine for himself as a tranquillizer and drank it all.

Joran certainly gave a looksie at the monster he is, but that gets us no closer to the truth. Hearts and Minds have been changed, and support for the Sloots is at an all-time low. (If that was even possible)

When will we get to the TRUTH?

As soon as Joran gets tired of covering for his Father. And I don't think that day is all that far off. Joran is a smokin' keg of dynamite. Ready to blow at any moment, and the fuse is only so long. That fuse is about to reach critical mass. Detonation does not appear to be very far away. I only hope innocent people are NOT nearby. Relief for Joran only comes when he tells the whole TRUTH not part of it.

Joran Van Der Sloot told me all I needed to know during his recent interview on Pauw en Witteman. He continues to protect his father. And he's getting tired of covering for himself and that rat-bastard he has for a Father.

Joran asked Peter de Vries several times if Mr. de Vries would apologize if he was wrong. Mr. de Vries did not indicate if he would. Joran is telling us there is something that has been over-looked and possibly easily identified. Joran is telling us all he is still covering for his Father. Paulus sits by and monitors Joran to make sure Joran does not throw him under the bus. Paulus Van Der Sloot is extremely nervous. He should be, he has the most to lose.

Joran is mentally breaking down. And he was never wrapped too tight to begin with.

Remember, the TRUTH takes down more people than the Sloots, and that added pressure is making Joran display his true self and Paulus is coming unglued.

Hopefully, closure for Natalee's Family and Friends is not that far away. Natalee deserves to have HER TRUTH to known. Natalee needs to be able to Rest In Peace.

Whatever happens to the Sloots is their own doing. They'll find no sympathy here.


Anna said...

Despite the Aruban Prosecutor saying Natalee is no longer alive, Paulus is still trying to sell the tale that she is. Previously, Joran had said that he, Joran, no longer believed Natalee was alive but in order to be in sync with his father, he changed again to saying he thought Natalee could be alive and kept against her will somewhere.

This is ridiculous and cruel of both of them but notice that Joran takes his cue from his father and whatever Paulus says, Joran changes his story to accommodate that. How long before Joran surmises what very bad advice he has been receiving from his parental unit in the form of Paulus! Paulus has advised what was good for Paulus and never what was good for Joran. This would all be a fading bad memory if only Joran had not lied at the bequest of his father from the beginning.


Anonymous said...

Those people are the scourge of the earth. The ditch people. They have disgraced some in the family who are not guilty. Those sorry people should not be allowed to be on Aruba, but on an island where they can kill each other off. j/blue.