Saturday, January 26, 2008


It's true. They did close the Hunt for Madeleine Forum. It's been rumored for a few weeks. And it finally happened.

Normally I wouldn't care if any entity closed a forum. It's their property and they have the right do with it as they wish. In this case, it removes the FREE - SPEECH and the search for the TRUTH. That concerns me. We weren't discussing High Tea. We were talking about a CRIME VICTIM.

England and the UK are bottled up in a socialist society and some were under the impression that they were covered by the Bill of Rights and The Constitution. They weren't, as they quickly found out.

I am attracted to cases where the youngest and weakest need a voice. Where corruption plays a major role in the out-come. That's why I am still following Madeleine's case.

I admit I did not contribute much to the UK Mirror Forum. The crime occurred in a country where I have never even considered travel. The suspects are from countries I do not plan to visit. But the crime and the fact that Madeleine is no closer to being recovered, dead or alive, has held my attention 9 months. Where is Madeleine and what is HER TRUTH? We all want to know. And we have a right to know. We are all members of the human race and deserve to know what happened to someone born with the same GOD GIVEN rights as the rest of us.

As I have said on the UK Mirror Forum, I do not like the McCanns. I do not want them for my neighbors, I do not want them as my doctors, and I would certainly be upset to know I was related to them. They're not good people. They caused the chain of event that led to the current situation. If they treat their children like that, could you imagine the level of care you could receive in the UK's socialist medical system? Their compassion does not seem to run very high. Remember, Madeleine was missing and Gerry was playing tennis as if nothing had even occurred. That's wrong! And I'm not afraid to say so.

The McCanns leave a lot to be desired. Most will remember the mortgage debacle. The McCanns used money donated by so many to make two mortgage payments before they were named Formal Suspects or ARGUIDOS.

The stories of who gave what and why were legendary on the UK Forum. Like the Pensioner that forgoes the new shoes he needs to contribute 20 pounds. That was all he had. Or the little girl that sold all of her toys on EBay to give the money to the McCanns to locate Madeleine. It was heart-breaking to hear the tales of the less than fortunate who gave what they could so Madeleine would be located. The McCanns took that generosity and trampled it.

They then hired METEDO3. Or, as some have apply named them, RETARDO3. That was the detective agency hired by the McCanns at 50,000 pounds per month. That little gang of three told the world that Madeleine was about to be found and would be home by Christmas. No, I didn't believe them.

Today, I scan the FOX NEWS website and find the McCanns are shopping the NEXT INTERVIEW. Since when do News Organizations pay for interviews with formal suspects? The McCanns leave a lot to be desired. They have yet to make one correct decision since before Madeleine disappeared. No wonder they have so few allies. Money motivates the McCanns.

But the main fact overlooked in the entire ordeal is Madeleine. She is the CRIME VICTIM. Regardless of the total overall disgust at the McCanns, I keep my eyes focused on Madeleine. I hope and pray she is alive somewhere and will someday soon be discovered.

I'll keep following Madeleine's Case for as long as it takes. And praying for a resolution. Madeleine deserves that much.


Delly said...

Zoltan, thanks for being a voice for us over there!

The removal of the Madeleine Forum is a sad loss, but people will find a way to voice opinion - forum or not.

All the best, Dellyxx

Anonymous said...

Great post Rob.!! Sorry to hear the forum had shut down. I enjoyed reading it.. never joined. :(