Thursday, January 17, 2008


A nice little conversation with a "friend" on Aruba.

The truth is finally coming out, the mom knew that she was not coming back, I told you it was a conspiracy, everything you know and this you don't know, I can not beleive that.

I herd a couple saying sorry to aruba and that the mom and dad have to take lie detector tests.

I'm serious and they have her social security number the they she got back to the states, she's in the states man.

The couple I told you about is gonna speak loudly pretty soon and I hope you R ready to say sorry man, not to me but to aruba.

ME -
That is all bullshit and you know it. Sorry but it is. Natalee is dead and Joran killed her and Paulus helped get rid of her body. You know that ship that is looking for her? You know The One - The Persistence? Go out side and look! it's right off the coast of Aruba right now and they have info where she is. In the Ocean. Do you think they would spend over one million dollars looking for her to hire that ship and everyone giving up Christmas with their families to go on a wild goose chase? Come on Xxxxxx, you're smarter than this. You know Natalee never left Aruba. And Beth would never do anything like that. You know this is true. I have a lot of respect for Beth, she would not do something like that and Natalee doesn't deserve to be slammed like this. That's called attacking a victim. And it's wrong!

Bro - you need a vacation.

Time will tell, just start your sorry letter for aruba....
soon you will know....

I don't have time to talk bull with you, the only thing I know Alot of time and money was spent on this project, even alot of your time was spent. There are a couple of american people start saying sorry all ready as I told you before. Beth knew she was not coming back. They put the whole news conference yesterday on the radio, she knw that the boys did not kill her, she was asking the boys were are hiding her, it was not the first time that she ran away from them, this is just a familie matter and Aruba had to pay the price, this is just another classical american story, The world has to pay for US faults, always the same.

anyway we talk later.... prepare your letter

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Anna said...

Just when you think Aruba couldn't look any worse, they manage to do just that!

Carol Standifer whom these two liars claim is the source for the molesting story, not even original as this has already been tried a couple of times, vehemently denies she ever told them any such trash.

If Rudy Croes is in fact endorsing this smear of the victim Natalee and her mother as we are hearing, Aruba needs to contact Haiti immediately and see their own future. This alone is a very good reason to never go to such a place as Aruba where they do things like this when you fall victim to some of their local predatory thugs.

23 million saw Beth on Oprah and three times that many saw Joran with his little temper tantrum.

Shame, shame, shame on Aruba for giving an ear to these people. We are united behind Beth in her search for her child as evidenced by the current search that is ongoing even as Aruba finds the dregs of society to promote their latest attack on their victims.

I hope Beth and Jug Twitty sue these people for these horrible lies they are telling and also the Aruban government for promoting this kind of thing.

This is just so wrong it is beyond reason to do. This alone is a very valid reason for staying away from that hellhole known as Aruba. Godspeed to those of the Persistence in bringing closure to this family that Aruba refused to do. Joran just showed the whole world how Aruba treats others! He is truly the poster child of Aruba, stupid and without any self-control or decency whatsoever.